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in London, Copenhagen,Vienna, Oslo, Athens, Dublin, Ireland, Belgium, Linz, Elsinore, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Scotland, Sedona and Shasta California
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Fairies, Devas and Elementals - 26th January 2019




Paul McCarthy is a channel for the Ascended Masters and Star Masters. He is an International workshop leader and writer. Paul has trained and worked with Dr Joshua Stone and the I AM University before founding the Inter Planetary Star Seed School. These presentations contain personal insights from Paul’s own experiences as well as information channeled within the hundreds of readings that he has given.

Workshop Descriptions

Life between lives workshop with Paul McCarthy

This is a workshop to connect to the realities of what we experience in-between lives. We explore where we go, our soul families, healing, our interactions with guides, life missions and how we choose additional incarnations. Paul will channel some information for each participant on these subjects. There will be meditations in which we connect to these realities. This is a good workshop for those who are interested in why they are here, life missions and past lives.


Past Lives workshop with Paul McCarthy
In this workshop we explore the past lives of participants through channeling where Paul will channel for each participant. We are looking to find out how these past lives are connected to the present one, what gifts they have for us and to obtain insights into the current series of lifetimes we are in now. In this workshop we seek to learn about positive and interesting connections as well as to heal any areas of past lives that come up for healing. The amount of past lives that can be channeled depends on how many participants come to the workshops and how much time we spend on looking at each past life.



Spiritual Activations Workshop with Paul McCarthy
Activations, Attunements Initiations - In this workshop we explore and experience some of the different types of spiritual activations. These include personal activations, group activations and activations with humans, guides, crystals and through music.

We explore why and when activations happen, what we can do to encourage and amplify the experience of activations and the characteristics of activations.

Paul will also channel the ascended masters and star masters on these subjects for the group.

If you like high level spiritual energies and seek freedom, ascension and spiritual growth then this is a workshop for you.


Aspects of the Future for Star Seeds - Workshop with Paul McCarthy
The Essassani
– the future inspiration for humanity.
Who are they? What are their qualities? What are hybrids?
The Galactic Core
What is this and why is it so important? How can we interact with it?
Orion Light
What is this healing and transformational state and energy? Why is it so powerful? Is this connected to humanity and what is Humanity’s Light?
Future leanings
What are the more evolved ways for humans and star seeds to learn and grow?
Future Missions Recruitment
How do the Masters select future students, mission mates and their representatives on Earth and beyond?

Life Missions and Service Work 
There will be a fresh and expanded look at 23 main Star Seed Life Missions. This is to help Star Seeds to identify their own skills, interests and roles in this lifetime. Paul will channel information to each participant about their spiritual essence* or their life missions or their service work opportunities. This is an active workshop where Star Seeds can participate in Galactic service work and volunteer for special assignments given by Lord Ashtar . There will be explanations and information channeled by Paul McCarthy on this new and exciting subject.* Spiritual essence is the eternal qualities we posses as spiritual beings which influence people around us and influence what types of life missions we are best at working with.


Star Masters and Star Guides Workshop 
There is currently a movement by the Star Masters to make deeper connections with the Star Seeds on earth. They wish to come closer to us so that we can understand them better and so that we can receive their help more now than ever before. This is taking place at a time when the boundaries of the sub conscious mind are becoming weaker and we are remembering more about the extraterrestrial connections in our dreams and in our waking life. This workshop is designed to help you to remember the connections that you personally have with your own star guides that you may have forgotten about and how you may have already interacted with them. I will channel information for each participant in these areas. In addition there are presentations on some of the most important Star Masters so that we can learn what they are like and how we can receive their unique gifts. This includes, Lord Sirius, Lady Sirius, Lord Arcturus, Lady Arcturus, Lord Ashtar (the being and not the organisation) &The White Lion Masters of Orion.


Healing with the Star Masters 
This is a 2 day workshop to learn how we can all access the profound healing energies of the Stars, the evolved extraterrestrial beings (Star Masters) and light ships. These energies are truly off the scale and so provide a truly amazing addition to those who give healing to self or to others. Each Star offers a different focus on healing and we will learn “who does what” and which group to go to for specific requirements. The weekend is a chance to experience giving and receiving the Star healing energies which include hose from: Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda, Ashtar, Vega , Arcturus, Cygnus, Aldebaran, Rigel and Betelgeuse (Orion). These techniques and connections can be used by you after the workshops for yourself or for your clients. Alternatively you may simply enjoy the opportunity to receive 10 powerful healing sessions in a weekend.


Star Seed 1 & 2
I will give presentations, share personal experiences, give live channeling and attunements as well as facilitate group meditations to open us up to the worlds of our extraterrestrial connections and the assistance they offer to us for our spiritual growth and ascension. There will also be presentations on: hat are starseeds? Life Missions, The roles of different ET groups & a focus on Sirius and Pleiades. In addition there will be plenty of the popular starseed activities including:
*Working with the Star Attuned Crystals linked to Sirius, Andromeda, Pleiades, Arcturus and Ashtar 
*Meditations to meet your own Star Guide, ET self and to visit the Sirian and Arcturian Star gates
*Channeling the extraterrestrial masters with Paul
*Live Sirian and Andromeda attunements
*Channeled music * Mini personal readings are designed to obtain information on: What are Starseeds? Are you a Starseed yourself? How can the Star Masters help us personally with our lives? What are your starseed missions and gifts in this lifetime? Where is your "home" ? 
New and experienced starseeds are most welcome to join the workshop!


Light Ships! Star Ships!
This is an advanced workshop to REALLY learn about the amazing realities of Light Ships and Light Cities! This is the most popular activity for Star Seeds in my workshops and so I have created a workshop dedicated to this. We can visit them and receive so much more than ever before. They are waiting for us. Not only is this so enjoyable but it is so productive and life changing. We can experience and learn how to ... How to work with etheric crystals, receive help with sleep, clear our energy fields in deeper ways, receive help with understanding our star linage, Request new and specific downloads, Visit new Light Ships from Orion and Andromeda!, Understand the differences between the Ashtar and Arcturian Light Ships, Receive all the advanced Galactic Healing facilities!


The Star Seed Energy Management System (SSEMS)  is an advanced personal energy management system using combinations of Star Attuned crystals and Galactic Master Crystals. This is possibly the most amazing energy system on earth just now, although it originates from Sirius and various Light Ships.  The sets are programmed to work with individuals offering personal energetic assistance. They can also be used to work with your clients as a therapy. There are also Portal Systems which create specific portals for your use. Full training is provided in the workshop to demonstrate how to work with each of the 6 sets of star attuned crystals and the Galactic Master Crystals. This is provided in a 1 day workshop where participants also experience the healing and energetic powers of the Crystals. Participants coming to the training workshop will automatically receive the 6 sets of attuned star crystals and 3 attractive acrylic display boxes in which to keep them. The cost of this is included in the price of the workshop.  


The Merlins of Orion Workshop with Paul McCarthy  
Never presented before information and energies from Alnilam/Orion/ Merlins.
Orion represents one of the most important and mysterious connections to Earth Star seeds. The histories of Earth and Orion are connected and many star seeds have lived in Orion. However there is not much reliable or useful information available to curious Star seeds. Now is the time to remember Orion and the true realities are emerging at last. This is a workshop where we explore the different themes and gifts of Orion as revealed to Paul in recent months . 
An introduction to some of the individual Guides and Masters of Orion including the Merlins
A look at the history and function of the Merlins of Orion
To understand the Orion approach to teaching, personal mastery and ascension
To receive a deep understanding of the nature of duality and how Orion beings master the experience of duality that exists in Orion as well as on Earth
A look at the importance of ceremonies, “spells” and the will power 
An introduction to “Magic” as experienced by the Merlins of Orion in theory and in terms of a personal experiences of Magic as a reality and in the form of energy and consciousness
We will practice some of the powerful techniques for personal mastery of self as used by the Merlins of Orion.


Exploring higher consciousness No1 with Paul McCarthy

This is a workshop to experience higher consciousness as a reality. We will work with spiritual energies, expanded consciousness within meditations and intellectually to build models of understanding. We explore the Soul, telepathy, empathy, group consciousness, Alpha and theta brain wave states. Spontaneity and questions are encouraged!


Spiritual Leadership & Service Work Manifestation with Paul McCarthy

This is a workshop to explore the qualities of true spiritual leadership with the Ascended Masters Sananda and Joshua Stone. In addition it looks at how it is possible to co-create opportunities for us to help others in profound ways using our own gifts and as part of our unique life missions. There will live channeling with Paul, presentations and the opportunity to create your own leadership and manifestation programme.