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Paul McCarthy








This is some of the unsolicited positive feedback that I have received from my clients who have experienced channeled readings, workshops and attunements. I am very grateful for those who are kind enough to send this voluntarily and by sharing it I can help others to understand my work better. I have removed personal information and identity. The attunements, crystals,courses and workshop feeback is on a different page click here

Hello Paul! - I have listened your reading. It has been amazing. I really needed the messages. They have touched my heart deeply. Now I understand much better my path and how to continue and evolve. Thank you again for your reading and your wonderful work. March 2017


Hi Paul – thank you for the wonderful reading! I listened to it yesterday, and not only was it interesting, but it was very,very helpful! It helped me to understand myself better, and I want to thank you for doing what you do - Take good care March 2017


Thank you Paul – I just downloaded the life missions reading to my pc, and really enjoyed listening to it.  Very intresting and illuminating for me, thanks for all your efforts, well worth the wait.
February 2017


Dear Paul
Thank you for the reading.. It really makes sense and helps me a lot. - November 2016

Thanks ever so much for this reading.  It makes perfect and Divine sense to me.  I needed this confirmation and added guidance and direction. I really appreciate it.  Well worth the wait. I’m thrilled. I will be highly recommending you to my spiritual community - August 2016.

Hello Paul, Thank you for my reading which I have just listened too. I found it informative and of benefit for me at this time and I wanted to let you know I appreciate your help with this. I have taken the advice I have received through you on board and I can focus better now on my way forward thanks to your help. A number of things you said resonated with me. - July 2016

Thank you Paul for my recent reading it was good to hear of my guides confirmed I have worked with some of the ascended masters in the past and I experienced a great feeling of joy and comfort from the Elohim when I did a meditation after the reading I felt myself smiling I have been on this journey over 50 years and this reading was the best. May 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the reading, which so beautifully captured much of what I've sensed and seen within them already, and more.  The parenting guidance is immensely helpful and will serve me we well now and for the future.  I'm so glad I requested this reading  – May 2016

Hello Paul, The reading has helped with understanding and focus.  Very profound and healing. Thank you so much, and by the way you have a Divine voice. Thanks again. - May 2016

Hello Paul It is time for a heartfelt thanks to you and Sct Germain. I just lack the right words ... There are so many layers, I grab them gradually – over time. But already, a shift of perspective has happened because of the reading. In gratitude - Feb 2016


Thank you Paul! As always your channeled information is a blessing and a gift of love and home. I am always so humbled by the answers and the clarity that they bring. I have never met anyone like you. I am grateful for you and the joy that you share! – Feb 2016


I want to say that I much appreciated the star seed reading that you sent to me.It makes me feel happy and exited about the future.  - December 2015


Hello Paul, Wow!! This really is incredible, and so detailed, and all so true. Very, very, very useful. Thank you so much for doing this, it is very much appreciated! So glad with this. - December 2015

I would like to thank you for all the readings you have been doing. Your work has contributed to the third pillar of a foundation for my spiritual life. I am a psychologist and psychoanalyst. As part of my professional training, I have undergone psychoanalysis for several years. This was, without a doubt, the first of the three pillars. Another one was the knowledge I gained through the work of channels such as Alice Bailey, Brian Grattan, Janet McLure and many, many others, but especially the ray reading done by Shamalla Tan and Joshua David Stone through the Masters Djwal Khul and Kuan Yin. That was the second pillar.Your work completes the foundation. It is profound, precise and has a transformative quality to it. It signals paths, suggest connections and provides instruments for an enormous expansion of consciousness.
I am immensely grateful to you.
Katia Castanheira
November 2015

Thank you very much for the detailed, accurate and helpful reading.
November 2015

Dear Paul! Thank you for a beautiful reading. Many pieces fell into place and I feel peace and immense joy. - October 2015

Hello Paul, Thank you so much for the New Age Reading earlier. It resonates with me very much, speaks right to my heart and there was a point it left me with tears.  - October 2015

Hello Paul, Thank you very much for the reading. It all really resonates with me and it sounds so right and true!...  Your practical advice will also be taken seriously. – June 2015

Hi Paul, Many thanks for the reading. What you said resonated with me and made a lot sense. All the best, - June 2015

Hi Paul,
I send gratitude to you for the beautiful Children's reading. Everything you communicated resonates deeply with me and I am thankful for the reassurance that I am on the right path in parenting and guiding them for their highest good.   - May 2015

That was indeed a powerful reading on future lives! I felt the power from it throughout. Thank you! Very beautiful. I feel I understand at a deep level.- May 2015


What a wonderful reading!!! It is so very helpful and confirming. - May 2015


My channelled reading with St. Germain 
I am truly floored at the amount of information and such detailed description is involved in this reading. It brought me to tears.  Everything that was said was exactly what I have have needed to hear for so long. Paul is providing such a wonderful service to our planet, please do yourself a favour 
and take advantage of hearing a message that your heart and soul require in these energetically busy and somewhat confusing times on earth. It will help you to refocus and gain insight where blockages may be and also open doors to new and creative paths that are most necessary for us to flourish and ignite again. thank you Paul your work astounds me and I am deeply grateful for the messages that have been relayed.
Thank you for everything :) PAUL and St Germain - April 2015


I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the reading you gave me. It was very accurate in every way and totally resonated with who and what I am. - March 2015

Hello Paul,
Thank you for facilitating this reading for me. I greatly appreciate the information provided to me and it all resonates with me very strongly. Thank you again for offering this service to us on Earth at this time...  March 2015



Thanks a lot for this reading, it is gorgeous, a big thing for me! And it is really deeply helpful. Thank you again, I'm glad, I got this reading, it means a lot to me. March 2015

An interesting reading, very accurate. Confirmed much intuitive knowledge gained in lifetime to date; feeling encouraged about career changes I'm implementing. - February 2015

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  No patience involved or needed for the reading arrived In perfect timing - Valentine's day!
You have given me such vital points to remember, connect and work with.  I am deeply grateful.  I feel that MANY missing pieces have been offered up to me...now I can put everything together!   - February 2015

Hello dearest ONE, thank you! What a GIFT, to listen and BE HOME. I can now relax, and Live without questioning Self. I thank Source for PAUL in my life, someone that understands me and can indeed answer my questions. Again, what a GIFT, you are to so many of us.
With such gratitude to you and the Masters of Sirius, - January 2015

Thank you from the bottom of my heart...your reading has given me so many insights and 'kerrching' moments! I am deeply grateful for your guidance and wisdom. - January 2015

I would like to thank you for your last reading it was so accurate on who I'am and what I do ,each day that passes is a gift of learning for me , I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your work and for living your truth every journey is always a rocky road to start with until we find ourselves or should I say many self's you truly have found home my friend existing in many dimensional reality's. - December 2014

Thank you Paul. I received it and listened to it. It was a lot of information and it definitely resonated truth to me. I am not familiar with Lord Sirius so i will ask to speak to him in my next meditation time. I appreciate your work. - December 2014

As the master you are, I recognize that you are equally unaffected by appraisal and criticism. So let me just say it out of my own joy of saying it: Thank you so much for the readings. I am very grateful to know of you and your work - the healing impact of the readings is already strongly felt inside me and I could not be more grateful. It puts the pieces together. The cd arrived well. Needless to say, I love it also! I heard it perhaps 10 times already. You are most gifted. Thanks for walking the earth with us during these powerful times and making your life's work available. - December 2014

As always the channeled reading is filled with such richness that is providing clarity, excitement and a pathway leading to my own understanding of me. Very grateful for this!!
With heartfelt Gratitude, - November 2014

Thanks for your reading, Paul. I enjoyed it and it has brought some
clarity into a life and reality that I thought was incomprehensible!
I will recommend you to others, and may you bask in the highest
frequencies and light! – November 2014

got the file and its a great reading. I thank you very much.- November 2014

Thank you so much, Paul.  I received the file.  That was a great reading!  The information given did resonate within my heart and I got validation on few things.  Can't thank you enough.  Many people must be getting benefited by this great work of yours.  Keep up the work. - November 2014

Thank you so much for my channeled reading. I now have had the opportunity to listen to it several times. It is very exiting, and I have learned a lot about life between lives - my life and in general. It gives me peace, joy, understanding and hope :) Thank you so much. Sept 2014

I never, ever thought I would get to hear a message like this. Completely beyond anything, I could have imagined. And yet it seem so true, strangely enough. I have heard the reading several times now, and it makes me cry every time: so much love, support, benevolens ! This just to let you know how useful, how ekstremly important your contribution is to others - ( I know you are told all the time   ). - September 2014

I loved all three readings!! Thank you for being available as a channel for these wonderful energies - September 2014

Thank you for the channeling. It was beautiful. It made me very peaceful and greatful for being on Earth at this time.
Blessings to you. - August 2104


The channelled reading from St Germain so resonated with me.   I was truly uplifted with the clarification for me of how I am right now.  You are such a wonderful Channel and I truly appreciate this gift that you share with me. - August 2014


thank you so much indeed for the reading. I love it!I am very curious about the Diamond Consciousness. I feel that you are so high frequented and the information that you part is very profound and high at the same time, it is very inspiring.
Thank you and bless you - August 2014

Hi Paul, Wow Wow Wow…Thanks so much for the reading, I am quite literally blown away with the information and past lifetimes. They all made absolute sense to me and I can see exactly how they are still a part of me today and how they have an effect in this lifetime. Will listen to it several times over the coming months to keep taking in what was said, but it’s definitely given me confirmation, answers and guidance to my life. I will definitely be booking for another one of your readings, just deciding which one you have so many that I would be interested to find out guidance for…. June 2014

I found it all very confirming with some memories and journeys I have done but with much more understandings. This reading was in-depth and very confirming and offered yet a different lens to see into these lifetimes and the gifts they hold.  it does help me understand more of who I am ..... thank you for that– June 2014

Thank you so much Paul, it is the most profound reading I have had. And you have a Devine voice.   – June 2014

Thank you so much for the channeled reading. It speaks to my heart and gives me a lot of joy, hope and peace. – June 2014

I continue to listen to the last reading I had with you and St. Germaine and it has helped me very much.  Each time I listen to it, more is gained and understood and more is activated.  I believe you are one of the purest channels at this time on the planet.  It is obvious you have a special relationship and connection with St. Germaine. The pureness of heart and the strength of integrity that comes through your words during your readings is profound.  The way you channel conveys a lot of who you are at your core essence and I have found this most inspiring. – June 2014


Hi Paul,
Thankyou. I did get the reading and have transcribed it so I can refer to it as I wish. I actually love it and will use the recommendations  in it for developing my awareness.
Many thanks, - April 2014


Hello Paul,
Thanks   for   the channeling.   The message   felt right   and   will   be very helpful   for me.   I now feel   reassured that   I am on the   right path   and that I am   not alone.   Thanks a lot! April 2014

Thank you Paul. I wanted you to know that I did receive the channeling and appreciate it very much. April 2014


Hi Paul
Thank you for my reading  I am most grateful! These channeled readings always amazes me, thank you again – april 2014


Thank you so much Paul absolutely blown away & extremely grateful for the info & guidance. Thanks again. March 2014  


hello paul 

Thanks I have received the files

And I want to thank you for the reading, which is definitely very helpful. Everything that is said makes very much sense to me. I have listened to it twice, and still is not finished integrating it all, but I've got the answers to the many questions I had for a long time. – March 2014



Dear Paul, thank for your marvelous reading.  It is so helpful! Thank you! – March 2014

This reading is a most precious gift,

I will listen to it time after time- in order to gradually take it in – February 2014


I wanted to write and tell you how deeply moving/transforming your reading was for me.  You truly have a gift.  For my good fortune to have received of this gift, I am grateful.  I was feeling extremely discouraged before hearing your message.  I felt broken and, yes, lost, as if it were too late for whatever my heart had hoped this life to be.  I have accomplished to my mind at once so much and so very little.  Now I believe I understand my journey so much better, and the pieces once seemingly fragmented, fall now into place.


In the hearing of the message that came through, and the frequency of the beloved Saint Germain, I was touched in such a deep place of remembrance.  I felt the words resonate within me like a beautiful, rich, full sacred gong that reverberated out from me like waves.  Such a strong sense of familiarity I felt.    I realized that I do know what I have always thought I've known.  This knowledge comes easily when not discouraged by the shadows of human mind, and in the speaking of it, in those precious moments, I feel as though I am lit from within..taken up into flight and fire and grace.   I feel joy and energy and synchronicity.  If I am such joy..........what words are there to say?- feb -2014


Dearest Paul, First, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to ask you to channel St-Germain for me. It was the first time I have ever done this and the recording was really done in divine timing and may I add it had to be you of all the channelers in the world, don’t ask why, I just knew. Your voice on the recording is beautiful, it had a mystical quality to it…. a testament of where you are in your spiritual journey. I have listened to the recording 3 times already and transcribed the reading for me to read and integrate fully the wisdom shared by St-Germain. The reading touched me profoundly in ways I never anticipated, perhaps it was the connection I have to St-Germain that I did not know I had. Many words of wisdom to reflect on. I was deeply moved with emotion by the presence of Lady Quan Yin and what she represents for me and her assistance in healing a part of my heart that I did not know was deeply hurt. What a gift you are Paul. May you receive many blessings for the beautiful work you do. Heartfelt gratitude, - Feb 2014

A beautifull reading, thank you all – January 2014

Thank you so much for the reading. Its very very informative and helped me look at things from a different perspective. January 2014

Thank you very much for the channeled reading.  So much a of this was a suprise and yet, yes much I knew/felt deep down.  It  is already immensely helpful and I think it will continue to be useful to me for quite some time.  I am very grateful to you and St Germain for shedding much light on my life, and for such honest and helpful advice.  St Germain has been very kind and generous, and his chosen words resonated strongly with me. – January 2014


Thank you so much Paul! What a wonderful reading! I resonated with all of it and had to smile and chuckle to myself because it was validating SO much! The Sirian connection especially and lady sirius... Isis has been coming up in so much lately and this whole connection to her. Also the healing and the crystals- YES! I'm actually doing a crystal healing later today:) Such a lovely reading! I was just thinking of looking into the chanting etc. the other day too!


Hello Paul!

I received the channeled reading yesterday and I have listened to it

now, and I was just about to send you an email:) There was some very interesting stuff that came through, and

I just want to thank you for a wonderful reading, and I`m very grateful for it:)


Hi Paul

Thank you very much for the channeled reading from Lady Isis. The information within the reading is very important to me and has made my path clear. So many times I have been left confused and have wasted much money trying to seek the answer but now I know that the answers lie within and I now know how to correctly recieve the higher guidance......thank you, a weight has been lifted.

hi paul

just to say thank you for the reading, it was remarkable and wonderful and i feel very nourished by it.


Hi Paul,

I just listened to my reading. Wow. It’s a lot to absorb but really amazing. I’m overwhelmed.


Hello my beautiful friend

"Thank you",for your pure,sincere and unconditional intent,which are most evident in the vibration that your words carry

You are a truly beautiful being,one whose magnificence,light and compassion for all beings,cannot be conveyed through words but simply experienced


Dear Paul, I just want to say thank you for your time for the reading.. I feel I heared exactly what I needed to hear.. Thank you..


Dear Paul, I received the cd a few days ago, and have finished listening...at least for the first time! I guess I cannot fully express how much the reading means to me...maybe my hug will help to express my gratitude when we meet in August! As for now, it will likely take a few weeks to process what I have gained from the reading, and I'm not just referring to the energy activation I received toward the end of the reading...


Hi Paul

Received cd more than a week ago. Thks so much. It was a profound one that reached deep into my soul. Will be listening to it over & over again to grasp its myriad messages. Some of it surprised me, yet at some levels it didn't. Want to say how much I appreciate this.


Dear Paul,
I would like to express my profound gratitude to you (and Mother Mary) for my reading. I am sure that you have been done an extraordinay work to help people like me.


Hello Paul

How are you my friend? Once again,many thanks,for the beautiful gift that was the channelled reading.Also,for your love,gentleness,humility,egolessness and purity



Dear Paul,
I just finished hearing my reading. For me it was wonderful. Many questions were answered and I am grateful to you, and Dr. Joshua David Stone, for this important kind of work . So many things were said that had profund ressonance in me!

"Thank you" so much,for the wonderful,loving and insightful reading.It helped me to absolutely clarify,both my intent and purpose


Hello Dear One:) Can't exactly wrap words around it....but....ohhhhhhhhhh yes:) Yes to love, yes to more, yes to understanding, yes to creativity, yes to owning more of who I am, yes to Soul and a special thank you to my "other Universe" friend whose presence has been felt by me, especially in the last two months.

As you may have guessed:) I have just listened to my channeled reading, Paul I don't even know.....just how to express what I am feeling. I want to re-listen many times, however.......thank you...thank you...thank you..........just thank you My Friend:)


THANK YOU, dear Paul,

I feel empowerd and more focused than ever before.

I now take the time to assimilate all the emotions, energies, and stimulating knowledge.



Hi Paul,

I got your reading (from Saint Germain) yesterday in the mail. Thanks a lot.

The reading is useful and responding to all my heart issues.

Your voice is very plesant to listen to.

So thanks again


Hi Paul,

Thank you ever so much for my reading. Lady Isis' energy was beautiful and alot of what you channelled made complete sense


Hi Paul

Many thanks once again for doing the reading. What can I say only that it gave me a wonderful feeling of joy and love that has remained. The insights of course were very worthwhile but what was even more important to me is the bridging of the gap between myself and the Higher Beings. They are becomming more real to me by the day. Thank you for helping to make this possible.


Dear Paul

Thank you for my StarSeed channeled Reading. I really enjoyed it. Again, you confirmed my feelings and thoughts about my StarSeeds connection and my life mission here on Earth now.


Egyptian Reading "Paul's channeled reading of my ancient Egyptian incarnation held so much resonance for me. Whilst both excited and inspired by the information this channeling contained, on some strange, indefinable level, I was astounded by how little the information was a surprise for me, for it served as a gentle reminder of what It is not just listening to the words of your channeled readings which work on both an intellectual and emotional level, but it is the high level energy which is contained within these transmissions that adds to both the revelation and the joy of the experience." "Due to the divine level of energy and information you have access to, it is both a joy and a privilege to receive a channeled reading from you. Thank you."


Most of this message revolves around the wonderful channeled messages I received on your tape (although not sure how much of it you remember), but first I must say the timing of your reading could not have been more appropriately organised. Indeed I found the whole experience incredibly moving and just as you/they said it would, it worked on so very many levels, intellectual, emotional (very) and energetically - the whole thing is extraordinary! And it has helped so very many things fall into place for me, although I think I will probably need to listen to it many times to take it all in.


Dear Paul,

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you the reading you sent to me was profound and powerful.



I received your reading today and I it has been a profound experience for me. I did'nt have any particular pre conceptions of what it might transpire to be but I am lost for words to express the depth of oneness the reading gave me.

God Bless you and light your way


Hi Paul,

thank zou so much for the channeling!!

Your skill as a channel goes up every time!!

It was reallz great and so very nurturing

it was such a nice reminder of how much one gets out of a channeling

so now I can understand better again

why sometimes people are so blown away when they get a channeling.

It was really really good.

Thank you so much.

Dear Paul,

Wow - thanks.

I've listened to the channelled information twice now and it really is wonderful - it totally confirms everything that happened to me.

Your reading was very powerful for me and I feel strongly connected when I listen to it.


thanks Paul, I've listened to the reading and enjoyed it very much, felt the connections with my friends from the Star Systems very much!


Dearest Paul,

Wow! I just listened to my tape. Amazing. It was so informative and enlightening and answered many questions I've had for a long time. I"m so humbled by what I heard. I only hope I can live up to my potential.


Dear Paul, The words, "thank you" seem a bit trite after your letter and the message that you and the guides channelled for me, but, Thank You, Thank You!!!


Dear Paul,

Thankyou very much for the channelled reading. It is amazing how much of what came through re-iterates things which have have been forming in my mind over the last few weeks and the message is somehow a continuation of events. The encouragement given by your guides is very precious.

Thank you again, with love and best wishes,


Hi Paul,
Just finished listening to the reading. I'm touched and delighted with it. It has given me a number of things to think about and some things to take forward. Extremely accurate.


Dear Paul,
Just to let you know I received the tape yesterday morning. The reading was beautiful! Thank you!

hi paul
just recvd your tape today from arch angel michael - all i can say was that it was very magical and very touching, very very inspirational and all totally resonated, i have noticed he is with me a lot currently and your tape just gave me all the confirmation i needed!!

Dear Paul, thanks for tape, I feel really privileged

to hear from Sananda. I know inside myself that what

he says is true. I have listened to it twice and will

listen to it once a week to keep inspired.


Namaste` Paul
Bless you for the reading it was wonderful! I was smiling and felt so in tune with what you were saying, the Sirian energies were very strongly with me the whole of the reading, which was great!

Anyway I won't bore you with the whole reading all over again, but THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I loved it and it is by far the best reading I have had I believe in many years.


Dear Paul,
I have received the gift you have provided for me from Archangel Gabriel and Ascended Masters Sanada and Sister Mary. Thank you for this great blessing. The words of wisdom and love shared have been heart warming and i truly feel greater clarity of my purposes.

Dear Paul

Thank you for your uplifting and inspirational reading.

Om Shanti


Dear Paul

I have just received and listened to the channeled reading. Thank

you so much. It was so uplifting and gave me so much clarity. The

information given me I felt to be very healing and so very helpful.

There is much to think about on the tape and I shall need to go back

to it and listen again to all the wisdom and advice given.


Hi Paul Thanks for the insights. They are rather spot on! Indeed those are the issues that I have sought to clear all these few months! I was feeling awfully tired once the attunement started. My eyes felt like I have not slept for a few days! ha ha Will ask further questions tomorrow. Off to sleep, and recover from the attunement and integrate it in my sleep. Thanks, again, Paul!


I wanted to thank you. My mom gave me the reading to make a translation for her. I was amazed about the message in it. It helped me to understand her better. The way the Pleiadian Guides said it to her!! Phew! Am in awe you know. In such a loving way! I wanted to say this to her for a long time and in a way I did but I did not find the right words...She did not want to take the information that I gave... And now yeah this will do it! So thank you from the bottem of my heart!

So a new little starseed on this world!!! Am happy about that ;-)!



Hiya Paul,

I just wanted to say thank you for the reading you channeled for me. It was very helpful :O) I have past your details on to a couple of friends which will hopefully get intouch with you. Thanks once again

with much love and peace



Hi Paul!

Thankyou ...

Listened to the cd ... late at night ... and I saw white energy moving around in my room ... After some tears came up from my heart ... I felt save and noticed. They see me ... they know my inner desires ... felt safe and not lonely ... anymore ...! Thankyou for Being Paul ...

I will keep in touch,

Much Love,


Hi Paul,
Thank you so much for the reading. I did indeed receive it on Monday. Full of wonderful information that I can honestly say transformed me in ways that I did not expect.
Love and Blessings



Dear Paul, I hope you/you all are doing fine. Thank you very much for your fast feedback. I could follow it very well. And could feel a lot especially where my blockades are. The strongest feeling I had was at the throat chakra but also at the solar plexus and the crown chakra. Many things happen to me during the last day. also during sleep there is more going on then else. I can clearly feel that i am now at another frequence level. Since Friday, something has changed, which feels different then normal. I have also got an induction into the Sirian beam during my education in Eternal Light. And the Sirian Beam is used among others for the blockades at the throat chakra - interesting, isn´t it? I would like to thank you one more time for your help and support and wish you and your family all the best and a lot of love,

Hello My Dear Friend:) I just got done listening to my reading for the second time. Oh my gosh Paul! I just cried such tears of joy, love and gratitude!!!!!! It is so awesome!


Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for the channeled reading you did for me. It has both confirmed what I already felt and helped me realise things I could never have known. I feel humbled to have been told such things. Thank you for being the channel for this to be told to me through and for coming into my life so that I could ask you.

With much love


Dear Paul,

Many thanks for an interesting reading. It is always good to receive encouragement and confirmation of what I'm experiencing.

Best wishes


Paul, I listened to my reading last night and it was out of this world!!! Ha ha. It brought me so much comfort and joy; I loved every minute of it. I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation to you and the brotherhood and sisterhood of light for helping me. I also read your book and I'm so excited to do the exercises, I love how easy and practical it is for me. I will be sending you thoughts of gratitude as I open my self up to these new and exciting experiences. Thank God for people like you.



Hello Paul, thank you very much for obtaining this precious information for me. It means so much to me. Love always



Hi Paul,
I wish to thank you very much for the Attunement and Reading!
The reading was very helpful, I wanted you to know this. It makes
perfect sense to me and I resonate a lot with it. I was nodding my
head all the time. :) Well Paul, I say again that the reading was very helpful. It helped me. I realize some things I wasn't looking at. I now have a more clear sense of what I need to change, and this is what I want always. To know what to do next. Usually this has no part in planning, it just takes understanding and being in the Now. Only when I look back I see the path.

Loved the little balloon glued to the cd case, by the way. ;) It
showed caring and attentiveness. It's when you put love in the things
you do, that makes them grow in a constructive and productive way. I
thank you again for the love you've put to this work. ;)

Hello Paul.
Just a little feedback from me about today`s reading. I`ve left it until the end of the day,othewise I would not be able to put it in words. You are an amazing channeler. I had the most beautifull , powerfull and enlightening reading. Every single word was a 100% hit. Huge step on my spiritual path. So thank you so much.
Thank you again.


Hello Paul,

Thank very much for the reading. Some good stuff to think about and the energies that I experience are beautiful. Thank you for your understanding and of course for channelling the message for me,

All the Best.

Hi Paul

The reading was amazing thank you :-) basically confirmed what I thought lol

I knew I was to teach but wasnt sure what lol All thats been cleared up now :-)

And for the first time I can sense my Arcturian Guides around me..its like they are a blanket of protection :-)

Thank You


Dear Paul,
thank you very much indeed for this wonderful reading and book of yours. It's both greatly appreciated and helpful. Take care,


Hi Paul

Just wanted to say another big thank you for the reading, which I've now listened to. There was a lot of wonderful confirmatory material, as well as clarification and acknowledgement –

>Love and blessings.


Hi Paul,

I received the channeled reading in the mail and I wanted to thank you and your guides for the information. I'm delighted that everything was accurate and true for me. the reading gives me a start to develop my skills from the inside out.

Thanks again,

Dear Paul,
thank you, thank you, thank you for that delicate channeling! I found it today in my mail. I feel very touched and understood from within! Even more, than I understood myself!
I am highly delighted and very grateful!!! ;-)
Thank you very much again!


Dear Paul
just thougth i would drop you a line before i left for LA, a big thankyou for my reading sunday, it was truely very inspirational and especially pertinent for where i am now, i have listened to it several times and always got something new from it...................

Thank you very much for my reading, I'm very grateful. It gave me clarification about things. You have an amazing gift! I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Thank you for the book. I'm reading it with interest.



Hi Paul, I'm just emailing to say thank you for my starseed reading. I really enjoyed listening to it and found it very accurate and true to me. I have listened a couple of times and will listen again as each time I listen I hear something new! Anyhow, thank you again for the insightful reading. It has been very helpful to me. With best wishes, Heather


Dear Paul,

I just wanted to thank you, as I have received the reading today! And it was just what I had expected and even better! A lot of things have got clear and I feel much, much better! looking to myself and to the future with a lot of joy and love! Thanks again,


Dear Paul

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the reading you did for me. Itwas so very helpful and made me realise I am very blessed, especially with all those wonderful guides that seem to be there for me. I am still trying to take it all in and feel I am walking on air just now! So thank you again. Kindest regards



The reading you did was great. I listened to it several times over & kept findings things that I hadn't picked up on the 1st time. I've really been able to adapt my meditation & focus on certain beings, energies & requests, etc. It's been great. I don't think I'd have done it without you & Erton! I had my Soul Merge in my sleep last week, which is amazing, 'cos that's what I was really working towards. I really feel that the love you spoke about is within me now. I'm still working on it of course & I'm really looking forward to the Star Seed Workshop!



Dear Paul,

yesterday I have received your reading, many many thanks for that.

I like Yoshua and am interested in his book 'Soul Psychology', which I have already ordered from Amazon. I can only say that you/Yoshua were spot on with the channelled information for me. I will do my 'homework', which you gave me through the reading.

Many thanks again



Dear Paul

Thanks a lot for the reading. A lot of things make more sense now. You have helped me to understand and enjoy myself more.




Hello Paul,

Thanks so much for the reading. It was just so amazing and interesting!!! Loads to think about and digest now ;-)

Love & Blessings


Just to say Thank you so much for your reading. It was great. Some information was new to me and it is unfolding further. So thank you again.


Dear Paul l hope everything is fine with you.l just talked to xxxx and she says thank you so much because the reading helped her to connect with whom she really is ,and her life is also changing,a wonderful opportunity of working in the art field<she is an artist>has arisen and also she is living now with a higher level of consciosness.So she is very happy

Hello Paul,
I have just booked an other channeling of Ascended Masters & Angels.
Thank you very much indeed for the Starseed Channelening. That was really interesting. It took my some time to digest. Now I have. BTW you have a great voice!!


Hi Paul. Thankyou so much!!! I received my Star Seed reading this morning & enjoyed the beautiful energy straight away!!! I so resonated, understood & already so very aware of all that was lovingly given, for all was as I have already experienced & so this served as a great confirmation for me!!! I have booked another couple of readings with you, The Star Guides & The Life Mission ones!!! Thankyou so much once again!!!


Dear Paul

Thanks for the reading. I felt quite.... I think the word would be expanded, listening to it. I did feel something happening on an energetic level when I listened to it.



Dear Paul,

I received my channeled reading last week and I enjoyed listening to them. I recognized a lot in it, but I also heard a lot I didn't know. I am gratefull to you and the ones (the Sirius Masters and Isis) who helped me giving insight in my background and important issues I need to work on. Thank you very much for this..

Best wishes,



Hi Paul

I have listened to the latest CD and it really is very good - so thank you. It is lovely to know that the Higher Ones are around me and that Archangel Michael is with me most days. The contents of the CD is so wonderful and I am grateful that so much work is being done to help me. Thank you again Paul and thank you to Mary Magdeleine, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, St Germain, Quan Yin and the Higher Ones for joining me for the channelled reading.

Much Love




Much oblidged, The reading was priceless :-)


Dear Paul,
thank you so much for your reading and the lovely, very potent crystal with the Sirian energy. I thank you for channeling such high information. And I thank you and the Sirian Masters for being available to do this and to mediate such love and respect. And respect was one of the things that followed all through the channeling in answer to my at times earthly and thus naiive questions. I never once felt judged or ridiculed and lectured for, just love, respect and earnesty. So thank you again! What a great experience indeed!
Blessings and love

Dear Paul

Thank you, for an excellent channelled reading, which made a lot of sense and has given me confirmation, understanding of my inner knowing and purpose of being. Thanks again for being an excellent channel.

Best Regards


Hi Paul
I received your channeled reading and I have listened to it a few times now. The first time I listened I felt a very definite resonance. Peace and space to be, away from the hussle and bustle has always been my dream. The reading is inspirational for me at a deep level. That inate searching for deep level peace has always been there even though I might not have
characterised in exactly the same terms. This reading has I think
explained for me this yearning.

Dear Paul,
thank you for the reading I enjoyed it a lot and it was very nurturing.
It confirmed a lot what I ve been receiving and what I had been doing
and had a very calming and balancing effect on me. Thank you, I really appreciate it!
It makes so much sense to look at life s experiences thru Sananda s eyes,
since he is my main guide it is only natural



And thank you so much for the channelling you did for me, it was so valuable information. I feel as I've received a missing links for the chain and have moved on the next level...

Dear Paul,
Just to let you know that I received the Reading CD yesterday, Wednesday. Thank you very much. It confirmed my feelings.




Dear Paul
Thank you so much for your channeling! It was so deep and meaningful to me and I still keep listening to it almost every day so that I get more into my heart. The information has opened my perspective and set me free, really. Again, thank you so much!!
Love and Light,


Hi Paul,
thankyou so much for your lovely reading. The reading was very satisfying, and made me feel at peace with my path. It correlated with dreams and experiences and other readings that I have had over the last 15 years. Well done to you for being so accurate considering you only have a name to go by! How do you manage with a 'John Smith' from London if there are zillions of them in London. I really am curious.
I can't wait for the next opportunity to listen again as there is so much information that I know I will pick up something new every time I listen to the tape. You have a very calming voice and it is easy to listen to. Thankyou for being there and providing this service to those of us who are searching. That searching can get a bit desperate at times, so it is great to get direction and answers.

Dear Paul.
Thank you so much for the wonderful chaneled reading. Golly, I was over the moon with it, and send my sincere thanks to both you and Sananda. It is such a joy, such a relief, such a privilege, such a homecoming. I really am truly grateful, to receive such sound advice, and reassurance, that I am "on the right path "and can now allow myself to become more me. The reading as a made such a difference, and Already, I am feeling different; comfortable, calm and confident, for the first time ever. No longer do I feel uncertain. I feel strong, loved and valued, and am truly very very Happy, humble, and dedicated to my Divine soul purpose, to serve God and Humanity.



Dear Paul
Thank you very much for the channelled reading.
I am so humbled that Sanander and Mother Mary came through, I could hardly believe it. Everything they said was perfect and so eloquent. I've been working with them and the Pleadian Masters in my meditations and I can feel such a big difference now. Thank you once again.


Hi Paul
I received the CD and listened to your channeled reading. I have found such
peace in the information that came through. I have been at a loss for such a long time as to how so much potential could not add up to what it should. Now this information that you brought through has gotten right in to the heart of what I already had realised in relation to the deep connection being missing even though the potential is there. I appreciate the illumination and the guidance.
Many blessings


Well the readings were great, thank you. And i trust that the timing was perfect. And i am extremely grateful.
Love & light,

Hello Paul!
I have recieved your reading and i would like to say thank you thank you thank you lol . It has helped me in many ways and has created a better understanding in me about many things. Often I have wondered why I do the things I do.. where do i go.. and this reading has pointed me in the right direction. So, thank you so much. (Big Hugs) and Love!!! I would also like to say that you have a beautiful voice!! It is very comforting. You have painted a picture for me and i remember the painting in my heart through the echos of your voice! Mother Marys words are comforting as well, but, I think you understand what I am saying Thank you for your time and thank you for your reading! You are a great channeler~
Love always,

Hello Paul,
I just wanted to let you know that I received the Channeling CD last week and have listened to it numerous times. I am already starting to approach my future and ascention in a much for positive light than before. It really has helped
me immesurably.thankyou!


Hello again Paul, Thank you for the reading which I received and enjoyed so much that I keep wanting to listen to it over and over. It has brought a beautiful energy, knowledge and connectedness to my life. You will see that I have ordered 3 more readings (not all for me) which I will explain. From my heart with love and blessings for you and your work




Hello Paul,

Neil is usually the one to email but I had to email you myself and say thankyou. The reading you kindly did for me was wonderful. It confirmed so much for me and inspired me to keep on keeping on!



Dear Paul,
I have received and listened to the reading. It was touching to hear the words, such wisdom, joy, and peace! I was surprised and amused with the way in which hints and clues were offered.You have elected to do some great work in this life time.


Thanks Paul. My reading has arrived in the mail and it is a great blessing to me.

Best wishes,



Dear Paul,

thank you so much for your reading CD I got yesterday. I am so excited about. Many things have been a confirmation and others touched me very profound. My question is more then answered.

Love and Joy



Dear Paul,

Thank you very much for the reading. It is truly inspiring and of great service to me.I will certainly come back to you for any future readings.

Many thanks again. Namaste!


Hi Paul
it's, thank - you for a terrifiv reading, i knew I was a pleiadian, ior pleiadian human starseedsince a young age, anyway happy new year ill ask for more services in new year, CHEERS PAUL, YOUR A HIGHLY INTERESTING A CLEAR POWERFULL CHANNELER.



Dear Paul,
I am still hearing your reading, which is so awesome. Every time I
hear it, something is happening like another understanding. You helped me a lot.
Love and Joy




Hi Paul, thank you for the wonderful reading I just recieved from you. I was overwhelmed with the love I felt from the assended Masters. I have always felt a deep connection to the spirit world, but I have kept quiet about It for fear that my family and friends would think that I am nuts. I am so glad that I found your website, Through the internet I am able to
connect to people who feel as I do. I will treasure the reading always.
God Bless You!



Dear Paul,
I wanted to contact you to say how grateful I am for the reading that you channeled for me. At first I could not listen to the reading as I felt such a strong overwhelming emotion and energy. When I sat down again later to listen to the cd the emotion washed over me again and I think I spent most of the reading in tears! They were not sad tears believe me, but an incredible release, and now I feel a peace inside that I have never felt. What a precious gift to someone! So thank you, Sananda from the bottom of my heart and I hope that one day I may get to meet you and thank you directly.
Kindest wishes,


I received your reading on tues. It was great. Thank you so much. It definately helps me to understand things better.
Much love & blessings


Dear Paul
Thank you so much for the Starseed Reading you sent me which arrived safely yesterday. And thank you for your kind assistance in helping me in this way. It is most appreciated and the information you channelled makes absolute sense to me. And thanks once again.

Hi Paul -- wow, you must be up late <s>. I received the reading on Friday and have listened to it twice. I am just so grateful and filled with joy with the conversation with Erton, others and am so grateful to you for having developed your gift to receive these messages. I am really busy right now but will write more later as this reading has inspired some synchronicities and inspirations that I would like to share with you. Thank you Paul! Love,


Dear Paul: The reading touched me profoundly and I've taken to heart what Erton said in allowing it to wash over me. The energy flowing through that CD was palatable and I could feel their love radiating, their gentle nature and the manner in which they presented the information touched my heart beyond words! Blessings to you and your family. Love,



Hi Paul,
I've just listened to it. Some great info in there. Very empowering and its helped me develop a fresh perspective on a few things that are going on at the moment. So all good! I intend to give it a few more listens.
Thank you again



Dear Paul,
many, many thanks for your great job you did for me.
I've listen to your channeling and I really appreciate it. I've felt really close to all the informations and truths you and the Guides through you have send to me.
All the words speeched are precious and meaningful.
And i've felt the energies of the Angels and Guides you carried to me and relaxed me at sort of meditation.I want to repeat it again! You have done to me a really special gift. Thank You.
With love and joy.


Dear Paul: The reading touched me profoundly and I've taken to heart what Erton said in allowing it to wash over me. The energy flowing through that CD was palatable and I could feel their love radiating, their gentle nature and the manner in which they presented the information touched my heart beyond words!

Blessings to you and your family. Love,

Many thanks Paul

The reading was so what was needed, thank you, it was beautifully grounding and lifting at the same time.



Dear Paul: I am filled with gratitude once again for the Great Work that you do. I received the last reading and Erton and the Others touched me profoundly. The information is so succinct and at times their descriptions sounded like poetry. I felt nudged and am finding my armor to protect is peeling away. It is so interesting and yet no surprise that each time I listen I hear more <s>. I just finished listening for the second time and did transcribe and type the instructions for the meditation. While listening I sometimes step aside and sense the resonance. In other words, it feels like they have embedded within the CD a tone to assist in changing or allowing patterns, beliefs and thoughts to unravel and dissipate, something like that. I just love how they answer questions I never presented which in this instance they did several times. It seems to be in those areas where I've spent time pondering an issue of significance. Thank you so much Paul.



Dear Paul,
this is just to let you know that I got your reading and that I highly appreciate the effort it took as well as, of course, the reading itself. It's difficult for me to express in words what I feel but let me say that it is very essential and supportive what you do here. Thank you so much,




Thank you so much, Paul. The tone of the reading, your tone and my sense of relationship to it all were exactly right for me. It leaves me in a really positive and reflective mood. It is just so nice to have an 'outside' view, after relying on my own for so

Thanks alot for this channeled reading!So much information that really hits me deep within myself and that I kind of "knew" in a way and also the energy of this channeled reading was so good to feel - I feel in a kind of blissful tranced state now:) And you have a very harmonic - relaxing and strong voice that I liked alot to listen to.

I thank thee deeply again:)

Hi Paul thank you again for another wonderful reading!! I recieved it a couple of days ago and have listened to it over and over again. I have listened to my first reading many times as well. I am amazed at how much love comes through in the readings, I certainly don't see myself like this most days! I am touched that so many masters came through for me I have always admired the work Mother Theresa did for the poor, and Archangel Michael Is one of the angels I call on quite often when I feel everything is going crazy in my life. I thank you so much! The readings have given me direction and courage, and I am much happier because of it. thank you and God bless you!

Hi Paul,
I just wanted to say thanks for the starseed reading it was very interesting. You have highlighted a few things for me which other readings never seemed to pick up.


Dear Paul,
Thank you!!!!! I surfed and surfed and see no one really knows-but you do.
YES!!! Arcturus is magestically BLUE, and so are the moons. I was too far at a distance to see mountains.The surface planet appeared a swirl of color from where I was. It was a different blue than ours.It is the kind of sight that just takes your breath away.You gave me the eyes to see and wings to fly there just by saying. I am so very very grateful. There are no proper words of thanks.
Much Love and Deep Gratitude,

Hi Paul,
I wanted to give send you a quick note regarding the wonderful starseed reading.
It was a joy to listen too, I've already listened twice. It resonated with me and makes so much sense. I am so happy to have found your site and look forward to more in the future.
Thank you for your work.

Hi Paul,
Just a quick note of thanks for the reading. I have listened to it several times now and hear something new every time. There is a wealth of information to be assimilated and I look forward to the process. I am just about to sit down and write it out so I may have access to another level. I must say your voice is brilliant at letting the energy come through.

Thank you for your special role in assisting me.

Love to all,


Hi Paul,

Wow! What a reading. Thank you so much (both of you) for the information you shared. Of course now I have more questions based on the information but the channeling even answered questions and concerns that have been on my mind but I had not voiced. So thank you very much. It was transforming. Thanks again Paul. (Boy I wish I lived near you. I really hope you make it to California.)

Lots of Love,



Hi Paul

Thank you so much for our wonderful readings…they were exactly the right message at the right time!

Many blessings


That was brilliant Paul,
thank you ,


Dear Paul
Sorry it's taken so long to respond; Thankyou so much for your reading. It's absolutly exquisite & resonates beautifully.The love, compassion & wisdom shines through & every time I hear it I feel blessed.

Dear Paul!

Thank you, well done, great job. Thats really the way I want to work.

Kind regards

Hi Paul thanks so much for my reading I got it this morning. It was just fantastic thank you. I do need to listen a few more times to understand it all!!!! I am just about to get your book and do plan to do your School too. Your work is brilliant and I'm so pleased I found your website and that you decided to help other starseeds.

Much love to you and thanks again


Dear Paul,l am in Spain already l couldn t e mail you before ,l heard the reading only once,and was very tired,but UAUH,UAUH,it is very impressive,and accurate. So THANK you sooo much,this is invaluable for me.
I also wanted to thnk you for the workshop,l feel l received soo much,l will comnect to Syrius now visualizing the crystal,and l also feel much more conected and focused
Many Blessings and much Love and Light Ana
The Reading was excellant Paul, you have an incredible talent. I am very grateful for your support.

Love and Honour, and JOY : )


Hi Paul, many thanks for the reading. I've only managed to listen to it once, but it will be good to listen to again, and whenever I feel I need to reconnect with that energy, or that transmission of energy. I don't know how they managed it (and how you managed to facilitate it either!) - at least not at a conscious level - but one thing they seem to have been working on was healing all this stuff I have had in this lifetime about what I feel I ought to have done/achieved (and associated guilt/negative self judgement etc). It felt very integrative as well. And of course the reading itself was very interesting.

Many thank to you and to your guides. love,


Hallo Paul,

I've just finished listening the CD. It's wonderful! It brings me answers and confirmations, and most of all it brings me HOPE and LOVE. Thank you very very very much. God bless you.

With love and gratitude


Hi Paul,

My internet's been down and I've only just got back online. Thank you so so much for this reading. I think i have now listened to it about 10 times and everytime i listen i gain more and more. Interesting I hear more everytime i listen! The depth that you have delivered to me is mindblowing and i am very grateful. I have no doubt that our paths will cross in the future and still treasure the time in glastonbury.

Much love,






Dear Paul,

My words cannot express the joy that I felt while listening to the Starseed Reading.

The content of the reading answered questions that my human awareness could not even ask, yet I desired to know. Energies of healing, nurturing , encouragement, and so much more were experienced while listening to the words on the CD. Every time that I listen to the words, another piece of information resonates with me. The reading brought an exchange of love on so many levels....what a beautiful experience. Thank you so much for your sharing your special service.


Dear Paul,

Thankyou for your channeled reading ... it brings sooo much with it, and I am engaging with the energies and feeling so much more than I had been before - there is a lot contained within it which is continuing to 'flower' moment by moment.

Also a certain amount which is new to my physical brain (like Arcturus for starters, that was a surprise) and yet when I recently attempted a regression I didn't 'go' to a physical body - but did visit a 'city of light' and had an incarnation on the inner planes looking after an earth village...I'm just letting it settle. But have already had a wonderful experience when connecting with the guides from Arcturus.

Yours in thankfulness -



Hi. It has been a while since I received the reading from you and clearly failed to email you and thank you after having received it. I’ve been on a journey and now beginning to come back! Listening to the reading have changed me significantly and continue to do so every time I listen to them. With much thanks and gratitude,






Hi Paul, It's fascinating. Beyond that I hardly know what to say. There is so much in it, that I will need to listen to it a number of times to really benefit from all the information - thank-you very much for it. Many thanks again for the reading.
Love and blessings,

Hi Paul*
Just wanted say thankyou for the reading its really great. I found it really affirming and encouraging, you mentioned Buda and Quan yin which is perfect as Buda is my current alter piece that I have great affection for and i use a Quan yin self healing technique most days. I feel ive been waiting a long time for a reading like this, one that gets closer to what the heart of things are for me, so youve really done me a service Paul
Much Love


Dear Paul

I received the CD. Thank you for my channeled reading. The reading you gave me is so deep/multi-layered that I have to listen to it many times until I fully understand the messages in the reading!



Hi Paul!

The starseed reading you gave me last summer has been wonderful. I just listened to it once again and it really lifts me up. Thank you for that!



Hello Paul,
Thank you so much for such a deep and thorough reading you have
I have to admit I am a bit in a mild shock of my life mission...
I am also so amazed how clearly and correctly the readings were done
regarding the challenges I have. ( and they said in the most graceful
ways.... Phew !!!)
Thank you again so much for offering such profound readings.
Most sincerely,

Hi, I have listened to your reading and it was very helpful. I can see now that both questions were really about resonance. Listening to it and receiving the energy from Thank you for the amazing work you are doing and thank you to your guides! Love,


Dear Paul

I have just listened to the CD and without too much reflection, want to give you a heartfelt thank you for your channelling. It has affirmed, confirmed, realigned me, given me some answers and helped me to feel part of a magnificent team. Perfect.

With much love and light


Dear Paul,

I got the CD. Thank you so much for the channeling. It was exactly what I needed to hear, and the information came at exactly the right time (two months ago would not have been as perfect as now). A lot was validated. A lot has been set in motion.

I was vibrating and had tears of joy running down my face for most of the time I heard the CD. It was very powerful. I felt the energies of Spirit enveloping and loving me. And the insights into the past lives tied into the information I had already received, augmenting it, and giving me the extra pieces that I am now ready for.

Thank you so much. I will keep in touch and may ask for another channel the future, as things progress.

With love and light,


Thankyou so much for the wonderful reading-yes you certainly connected with the essence of me- I have been known to try to explain to certain people how evolved grass is!!! I believe all of life is precious and I am blessed in every way possible - Thankyou so much for a wonderful reading .There are so many things that were certainty in my life a year ago now there is just trust ,faith and vibration and deepest love and respect for all.



Hi Paul, Just wanted to say hi from the north of Scotland and to let you know how much I enjoyed From Self Love to Christ Consciousness. Its explained a lot of things to me - I wasn`t really sure what Christ Consciousness really meant, and you have explained it in a very easy to understand way, and I love the way you have made the meditations so uncomplicated, so many thanks for that, and best wishes to you, love


Hello Paul
Oh thank you for this - the reading was amazing and has confirmed many things that I have felt.



Hi Paul

thankyou very much for the reading it was so spot on!!!!! it has given me clarity with my life purpose and explained to me why I feel so strongly with inspiring and helping others with universal laws. It was great knowing about the angels!

much love


Dear Paul,

Just wanted to MANY THANKS FOR THE READING you did for me!


Hi, Paul!
Thank you very much for your reading!
The message was just what I needed to hear and it touched my soul deeply. It's been almost two months since I received your message.. and I am just amazed by how things are shifting within myself, and also those shifts are reflected in my experiences in the world. I wanted to write to you sooner, but things kept shifting quickly and I felt the need to be with the experience and digest a little bit before I write to you. Of course, the words doesn't capture the essence of my experience..., but I just wanted you to know that your message empowered my soul greatly and it have been helping me to embower myself and to embody my true light.


Dear Paul,>
> I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Reading over
> your web site makes me want to cry!>
> Yes! Yes! Yes!>
> Your outlined Starseed process has followed mine to a "T", practically.>
> Thanks for the support.


Hi Paul
Thank you so much for the reading I have only had a chance to listen to it once and it was wonderful,
can't wait to absorb it again.



HI Paul,
Just a few heart-felt words to you from me. I want to let you know
that I received my CD and there were so many things said that
resonated with me, I was very pleasantly surprised! Thank you for
taking the time to do this, and I am hoping that all is well with you
and yours.
Blessings to you, and may the Universe watch over you as you do your work!


Dear Paul,

Well that was worth waiting for! How wonderfully uplifting and encouraging. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.


Dear Paul,


Hello Paul,

Thank you so much for my reading, there was lots to take in, and I shall be listening to it many more times, and it has helped me a lot..Namaste,




Hi Paul

I have now listened to the whole tape and ........WOW!

The message given at the end certainly is very exciting and I was grinning from ear to ear when I heard it, I really felt joyful and listening to the 'promise' was comfort enough.

The best and deepest reading I've ever had and am likely to receive by far. It was well worth the wait and surely will order another reading of a different sort.

Many thanks Paul, I can see your uniqueness and specialness after listening to the reading and am looking forward to the channelling weekend which I'm sure will help me connect even more!


Hi Paul
Thanks for my reading it arrived last week

It was really good.... left me with a lot to think about too lol

Thanks again



Hi Paul,
Thanks very much for the CD. You were right; it was indeed very interesting. It would require an essay to provide a fitting response, but in essence it has crystalised many the intangibles that I have been presented with for some time. It was both uplifting and reassuring to listen to such wise counsel. It's a great talent that you have!
Many thanks.



Dear Paul,

That’s great! I really look forward to the channeling. It was so nice to meet with you in person and to be in your presence. You exude a sweetness and openness to connecting with others that is so enlightening, and I feel I have learned a lot from you just in allowing myself to open more to others and share who I am. Thank you for calling me to Mount Shasta. It was perfect for me. Thank you for your sweetness in this world.

With much love and light,



hello, i have goten the CD
I like the channeling, and also the enorme energy that is in the info. This energy i also feel at your site. And it is one of the reasons way i trust you. Thank you for helping me find the info i nead. The info made me really realx, and not worry abute doing the right thing. I had a feeling i wos from Sirius A and it wos greate to get this comformed. I really like the info abute 3 of my lifetimes. This info have helped me awaken more, as i have fund new info to exspand. I really like the material on the liftime where i wos somthing simular to a fairy,
i saw this in my head really alive and i reasonate with it really strong. I think this wos a liftime that my soul really exspressed itself as it wanted to. I feel that i got the right info at this time, thank you so mutch!


Dear Paul,
thank you so much for your channelled reading for me.I can't really tell you in words what it meant for me. Quite simply it has helped to give me the strenght to carry on a bit longer. the last couple of years have been very challenging to say the least. enough said of that. I expected Lady Nada to be close as well as Saint Germaine and Kuthumi. I now would love to attend your workshop in Dublin in Oct. . thanks again,LOve from a much calmer temporary human being,



Hi Paul,
I wanted to wait until I received the CD before responding, today I did receive the it in the mail --
Thank you for doing the reading for me, it has really opened and confirmed a lot of of my feelings about myself and my souls existence, however, to be more specific, the details on Sirius B & Vega were really powerful and immensely impacting on my conscious. I have a lot to tune into and reflect on from this reading, I feel that after listening to the information one time I have already truely moved to a new level of being.
I will end for now, and again, thank you very much for doing the reading for me,


hello Paul,
I just wanted to thank you for the reading. It has been very helpful and
has given me alot of useful and practical advice which will help me get back on the spiritual

Hello Paul,

I just finished listing to the reading and all I can say is: thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This goes beyond words!

At the moment in the beginning of the reading when you said I originate from Sirius B, there was such a resonance that it almost was not necessary for me to hear anything more. I will spend some words on my experience of this reading, but as I stated before, this event goes beyond words and I expect you to also feel the meaning of what I would like to communicate to you.

Thanks again and blessings,





Thanks Paul!

I really enjoyed the reading! I am going to listen to it several times as suggested. The second time I put it on before sleep and really felt the message energetically a lot more! very warm and loving energy indeed! I could feel it! Much love and light to you! Blessings,



Hi Paul,
Thank you for the amazing session and your helpful insight. The
session was very empowering and liberating.
Thank you again Paul.
all the best,

Right On Paul,
Thanks so much for your information. I think it makes total sense that I would consider pleides my home. I feel most spiritually connected to it. I think sometimes people can live many places before they actually find a home .
And the avatar command connectoin makes complete sense also t should have been obvious lol.



Hi Paul,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my CD reading yesterday and found it very informative and helpful. Again, much thanks and love for the wonderful guidance that came through!

Happy New Year,


Hi Paul,

The CD arrived! I just wanted to send you an email to say: thank you. The delay in getting it was actually perfect. I had forgotten about the questions I had submitted, and receiving the responses now, rather than several weeks ago was absolutely appropriate. Thank you so much, and a gazillion blessings to you. (:



Dear Paul McCarthy,

I wish to thank you so much for the reading you had done for me, of which I am so very grateful for and at the same time, would like to say, that it has touched the very centre of my being.



Hi Paul,
Have been meaning to email you to say thank you for the info below. I can't tell you how much it's helped me! it feels like the clinch that has moved me from doubt to a powerful self belief. i am deeply grateful for this.
much love,



Hi Paul!

Two years ago I asked you to do a Star Seed Reading for me, but I never gave you feedback about the reading. I was very glad to hear what you had to tell me 2 years ago. However it seems that I had to go through some life lessons before listening again to your reading, and feel deep within my heart that all that you said makes sense to me. I also want to thank you because in this particular moment of my journey on this planet, your reading is being of great help. Thank you for your wonderful job!





Hi Paul,

I just wanted to say thank you again. I found the message again after so many years and I listened to it again.
What I notice now is that things start to develop just like was been said in your message to me. Again I say thank you!



Dear Paul,

It was a wonderful experience. A great many gifts received with greatest of love and gratitude. Thank you for you, for your work, for this opportunity. Blessings,



Dear Paul,

I continue to listen to the CD of the Starseed Reading and receive additional messages that I didn't "hear" before. You are blessed with a wonderful gift to share in this incarnation!

Many blessings



Dear Paul
Thank you so much for sending through the cd of the reading you did for me. I was, quite simply, astounded by it. You have a great gift and I feel grateful I found you! Thanks again.
With best wishes



Hello Paul!

Thank you very much for the reading. I think it was very distinct and clear
information. I have been going through it carefully because it was not what I expected. But I also think it is familiar to me in different aspects. I am now working on it to integrate my existing consciousness. I think it is exiting and I see a new start for me. Thanks again.
Best regards

Dear Paul

Many thanks for your reading which I received today. The information was extremely helpful and confirmed many things for me. Thank you so much for providing this excellent service.




Dear Paul,
Thank you for my channeled reading. It is great. It has verified a lot of information for me. I can connect with St. Germain easily when I listen to the cd. I am very grateful to you.


Hi Paul,

Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for the recent channelling. Once again it has given me a significant step forward and much to integrate. Thank you my brother.

In appreciation,



Dear Paul,

Thankyou very much for the channelled reading you posted to me. I have only just had the opportunity to listen to it and it has filled me with hope and enthusiasm.

I feel that the reading will be very useful in helping me to make positive choices and in guiding me along my path, and I'm looking forward to reading "Becoming an ascended master". I'm very grateful to you for being such a clear channel and for offering these readings.



Thankyou once again, Dear Paul,Thank you so much for the reading. It has validated where I thought I was based on your books. I have taken much from these words of wisdom and will continue with my growth towards my ascension.







Dear Paul,
You did a GREAT job by sending me the CD with the channeled reading!
BLESS YOU! It's a great gift. Thank you soooooo much!
Much love and joy ,