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Star Seed Channeled Reading

Starseed Reading

With Paul McCarthy

This is a personalised channeled reading to obtain the information about your starseed realities including information on your life missions, your "Home" star system & galactic heritage, your ET connections, your Star guides and more.

How does the Reading Work?
Readings are done remotely at my home by myself without an appointment. There is no meeting, telephone or skype appointment nor any need for the recipient to meditate at all. You will be sent a digital file via email containing your reading. This can be most easily be used on a PC with windows media player software installed. Alternatively I can produce a MP3 file format for those who have apple devices and MACs if requested to do so.

The cost is £65
* (about $90 or 82 depending on exchange rates). In addition to the main reading you may ask up to 2 questions and you can send these to me via email at the time of booking your reading.


How to book
For the Star Seed Reading, please make the £65 payment below using Paypal

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Conditions – please read

All Readings are paid for in full and in advance.

There are no refunds available for any reason after a reading has been completed.

You are aged 18 or over.

I am not able to supply technical support if you are unable to work with the digital file sent to you because your computer's technical issues.

Readings times vary depending on if you do not ask any questions, ask questions already covered in the main reading or if there is less information given by the Guide.

The timing of the reading is dependent on the levels of current bookings and my receptivity to channeling. As such there is no guarantee as to when a reading will take place and I cannot advise people about the exact timing of when a reading will take place but I can advise when the reading is completed. In the past readings have taken from about 1- 4 weeks. CURRENT WAITING TIME IS 1 WEEK.

I channel in the areas of Ascension, spiritual growth and guidance, connecting to guides, past lives, emotional healing, star seed material, successful manifestation, spiritual leadership, understanding consciousness & Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow and Diamond levels of consciousness. I do not channel about the following : Predicting the future, telling people what to do or what decisions to make.

This product or service is not to be booked by anyone suffering from any form of mental illness.