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If you are a Sirian, Orion, Ashtar or Pleiadian Star Seed, what are you meant to be like? What are you meant to be doing? What are your natural gifts and what makes you different from the other Star Seeds from different places? How can you bring out these realities and blend them with your human life? Do you want more help to understand the answers to these questions and a more intimate connection to these realities? Is simply reading now no longer enough? Are you frustrated with lack of personal information or your own explorations?

In these programmes Paul will channel from the Star Guides simple and powerful techniques, meditations and energy activations for you to use to connect to these realities and to make them more present in your life. When you have done these Paul will channel feedback on your efforts, give guidance and answer questions. This is a personalised approach and can work with the deepest truths about you and your connections to your home world. Paul will send you the general techniques channeled from the appropriate star guides as well as personal ones designed to help you with your own personal blocks and areas of development.

These are specific programmes and so for instance the Sirian Programme will have Sirian meditations, Sirian energies, Sirian guides and will be nothing like the other programmes. This will give you a strong flavour of your home world and hopefully give you a “coming home” experience which star seeds yearn for. 
This is an open course and so you can join it for as long as you want. You pay monthly and can stop at any time*

Understand the deeper nature of the older Sirian Star Seed souls
Understanding their relationship to service work (open heart)
Reconnecting to Sirius
Working with your power centre & intuition
Exploring last life realities
Working with the Sirian Masters

Understanding the true nature of Pleiadian Star Seeds
Pleiadian soul focuses: creativity and harmony
Working with a heart centre focus
Using Pleiadian techniques and practices
Working with Pleiadian guides from Taygeta and the High Priestess of Alcyone


Aligning to Ashtar energies and projects
Activating your energetic and consciousness potentials
An introduction to the new Ashtar teachings, approaches and technologies
Working with Lord and Lady Ashtar

Orion click here

What is the style of this programme and who does it suit?
The programme provides techniques that work with your energies and consciousness. It requires you to repeatedly practice these techniques, have some awareness of the realities involved, be open to change aspects of yourself and to be determined and patient. You need to follow the programme every month and so you need some time to invest in yourself. This programme is designed for Star Seeds who come from these places have the potential to work with this programme as they have had previous training in other lives connected to these places. If you do not know whee you are from then you will need to book a personal channeled star seed reading to learn about this.       

What will Paul send me?
I will channel precise information for you about your development, what the Star Beingsn masters want you to do etc. Also I can channel feedback after you have had time to practice the techniques. Also I can answer questions as Paul as I have a lot of experience of working with the same material and also as a teacher and practitioner. So I can offer Q&A sessions and channeling for you. The plan is for me to work once every month with you and I send you either one channeling, or one channeling feedback or one Q&A session. The cost is £65 per month. I would set up a monthly payment for £65.00 with a view to working with you for one year and then review this. The channeling and Q&A sessions are all given via email. There are no skype sessions as I do not channel on skype and I need time to reflect on questions. There are no physical meetings.

If you want to enrol then please email first so we can discuss if you are eligible for this or another programme.



* If you want to no longer participate in the programme simply contact your bank and stop the payments. Any payments already received by myself cannot be refunded for any reason.

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