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Ashtar Sleep Pod Crystals

Using Ashtar advanced Light Ship technology, it is possible to be connected to the Ashtar Sleep Pod technology through my attuned crystals.

* It will greatly assist those who have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep

* Those who are too mentally active

* Essential for those who want to influence the quality and productiveness of their sleep and want to use the highest form of New Age "technologies" to do this.

The sleep pod crystals will bring you into the early stages of sleep stimulating the brain waves Alpha, Theta and Delta which are associated with relaxation, altered states of consciousness and sleep. They will envelop your energy fields in the perfect energies to assist peaceful sleeping. The energy fields harmonises your energy fields making you feel relaxed and sleepy. It helps to facilitate the natural projection of your consciousness away from your conscious mind and body during sleep making spiritual dreams and experiences easier and more possible.

You will receive a Master crystal which you interact with and can kept under your pillow and 4 further attuned support crystals which set up this energy field around you. The crystals are easy to use and full instructions will be sent to you.
The Master Crystal you will receive will be an attractive "A" Grade large
round rock quartz crystal (30mm-50mm). The supporting crystals are smaller B grade quartz crystals.

The cost of the Ashtar sleep pod crystals is £49 including postage and packaging and can be sent anywhere in the world.

The crystals are exclusive to Paul McCarthy.

"Thanks as well for the sleeping stones which my girlfriend has been using over the past months. Her sleeping has remarkably become better, I can tell the difference! I go to bed later than her, and before she never (!) was asleep when I entered the bedroom. Now she always (!) is. Before, she was a wreck each morning, a zombie needing coffee to get to life. Now she's smiling and joking, what a difference. I really am impressed with the results, and can feel the effects myself as well. I was already a good sleeper, but I feel I get pulled into a deep sleep, so much quicker, so I'm really amazed by the results!"


How to order

You can pay by making an online payment below. You can pay online by credit card or debit card using the paypal system. All you have to do is click on the button directly below and follow the instructions.



Shipping available worldwide including the UK. Goods are delivered in the UK by first class post with Royal Mail. Goods sent outside the UK are sent via standard air mail services of Royal Mail. Shipping times in my experience are about 1 week to europe and 1-2 weeks to USA / Canada. However where the postal services (CUSTOMS) delay delivery it is advisable to expect up to 30 days delivery time. For overseas orders please allow up to 30 days for delivery.


Conditions – please read

All crystals are paid for in full and in advance.

There are no refunds available once the crystal have been sent out and the channeled section completed. This does not affect your statutory rights under the Distance Selling Regulations. Returns information is at Returns.

You are aged 18 or over and this crystal is for yourself.

This product or service is not to be ordered by anyone suffering from any form of mental illness