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Star Seed Channeled information

Here is some information that I have channeled from the Star Masters that gives us deeper insights about the evolved extra terrestrials or Star Masters. These are exerts from my book Star Seeds & Star Masters. There are many more insights and there is new information in the book.

Sirius B

Most Star Masters do not possess a physical body that is as dense as the physical human body. They are more etheric in nature. This applies to the many groups of Star Masters linked to Sirius B. Sirius B is a Portal Star which takes us to other realms and dimensions. We can travel there in energy and consciousness. It is not a physical portal. These beings are portal beings meaning that their actual spiritual energies take us from one point to another in energy and consciousness. Portal beings are like walking doorways through which we are attracted to other realms and dimensions of existence. Mary Magdalene was such a being from Sirius B. She was a portal to other realms and dimensions which others accessed simply by being in her presence. She taught about Universal Truth and especially the Divine Feminine in a humble fashion and free of ego. Her communication was not so much verbal as through her presence and her energies. The portal of Sirius B takes us to other realms and dimensions. One such “place” is the Temples of Sirius.

Another aspect of Sirius B is its connection to the divine feminine or Goddess. Sirius is a portal to the love of the Goddess for all creation and even to us personally. Different stars connect us to a specific aspect of the goddess. The Sirian “flavour” is the love of the Goddess for physical creation and therefore for us as physical beings in this creation. This is why many people feel a deep sense of love when they connect to Sirius as this flavour of the Goddess permeates all aspects of Sirius. There is a Goddess Temple in the Temples of Sirius which contains a large Ruby red crystal which holds the connection to the Goddess. Through the crystal we are further connected to the Galactic Centre and the black hole there which is a focal point for the creative energies of the Goddess in this Galaxy.


The Constellation of Orion is a home to different star groups and species as well as some amazing stars and spiritual energies. The history of this these groups does include challenges and conflicts which some people feel are reflected in the stories such as Merlin and King Arthur and Star Wars. Magic, Dragons and other mythical creatures are all linked to Orion. Whilst Orion may have its challenges, it is also the training ground for some incredible beings and this is where the White Lion Masters were formed. Like all Constellations and Stars, Orion has its spiritual theme or learning which is the highest expression of Personal Power. This is to give our power to the service of the Divine and not to exploit it for personal gain. This theme is also present of Earth and some Star Seeds have also explored this on Earth whilst experiencing lives of authority and power such as within the roles of Kings, Pharos or military commanders.

The Belt of Orion Star Systems Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka were the locations for more physical lives in Orion where Alnitak is a place of the creation of different physical forms and species.

The Orion Stars of Betelgeuse, Rigel are incredibly special and spiritual stars and they described elsewhere in this book. The Star of Bellatrix has a most beautiful energy that connects us to love and the heart centre. It helps human beings to find love for each other.

The Orion White Lion Masters
These are a group of evolved beings that are linked to the history and the evolution of the various groups from Orion. They are a brotherhood of service workers and possess many of the qualities that we attribute to the Ascended Masters linked to Earth. The White Lion is symbolic of the rarity and value of strength when it is placed in service of the divine. Their characteristic qualities are clear intentions, a focused and disciplined approach to life and the strength of the Spiritual Warrior. They show us how to be Masters through empowerment, clarity and focus. They help us to understand “willing sacrifice” and to be aware of the illusions and causes of negativity.

Group Consciousness

Most evolved Star Masters operate from within a group consciousness. This means that their shared identity with their species or group is more important to them than any sense of personal identity or personality that they may have. This is natural for a group of higher consciousness beings. A group consciousness is a collective awareness, identity, intelligence and communication system. Individuals within the group consciousness are aware of what the group experience is. They are a part of the group because they want to be and not because they are in any way forced to be a part of it. To be a part of a group consciousness a being needs to have transcended any strong tendencies to identify with a personal ego and a personality. The attraction of a group consciousness is so great that beings let go of the need to operate from the level of an ego in favour of the group consciousness. It can be a very blissful state to be merged in a group consciousness where the individual being is intimately connected to a large vibrant energy field and consciousness that is “self”. And within this there is very little of the pain and suffering that a being experiences when they operate from a deep sense of separation that comes with an ego/ personality identity. We have to remember that Source / God is a group consciousness and all beings through the process of evolution are ultimately returning back to this state of being in the deepest way that they can. It is the destiny of humanity to construct their own style of group consciousness. It is important to note that when we channel the Star Masters, we are often connecting to the group consciousness of the beings as well as the individuals. This is because the group consciousness is what these individual star beings are being and reflecting to us. For a channel a group consciousness feels very beautiful and highly spiritual. However we cannot have a human style of relationship with a group consciousness and it may feel as if it is lacking of personality. As such to a human a group consciousness may feel a little detached and impersonal. If we can get over the normal human tendency to want to have human relationships with Star Masters then we can begin to appreciate these wonderful group consciousness experiences.

Activating the Star Master in yourself

Star Seeds have experienced higher consciousness in places other than Earth. As such for them returning to higher consciousness is all about remembering how to get back into that state of being and not necessarily about learning the whole route right from the beginning. “Switches” exist that allow a Star Seed to operate more like a Star Master than a normal human being. Such “switches” allow Star Seeds to:

Raise their vibration so that they are more aware of the unseen spiritual realities of guides, energies and other dimensions of experience

To receive communication from the Star Masters and all guides through channelling, intuition, telepathy, psychic abilities and pure knowing

To be sensitive to spiritual energies and to be able to “read” them

To hold and channel spiritual energies for self and for others in order to perform healing and activation work

To act as a portal so that others can gain access to spiritual realms and dimensions

To function at the levels of higher consciousness and group consciousness as and when is necessary. Higher consciousness means to be aware of more and to adopt the perspectives and plans of Galactic and Universal Beings

To awaken self at the right times in order to implement Life Missions

To be able to activate self or ask for activation in energetic terms when changes in life are needed and the Star Seed is leading this process through transforming their own consciousness

These “switches” are techniques for activating latent abilities that Star Seeds already have.

2012 and new the collective life mission of Creativity

As we approach 2012, a new spiritual theme of creativity becomes relevant for humanity. The new Goddess energies of 2012 are all about creativity and co- creating with the flow Universal consciousness. Although many of our Life Missions will remain the same after 2012, we may approach them differently. We are to go deeper with our spiritual alignment and we are to flow with creative forces in more spontaneous and guided ways. For many this is a new way of doing things. For those who can surrender to this process they will become masters at manifestation in this world and they will elevate the expressions of their life missions to a much higher degree.

How can I feel more at home on earth?

All star seeds must embrace their life missions as these are the main reasons for us being here. We explore these and learn how to express these in this world. It talks months and years but the more we go in this direction the more purpose and meaning we feel in life.

Most Star seeds have a difficulty with being in such a dense physical body as we have on earth. The best Star energies and Masters that can help us with this are the Sirian Masters. They teach us how to fall in love with physicality and how to connect to the Goddess (Divine Feminine) which is the creative source for this physical universe. This is so important for all star seeds and humans to do as it helps us to feel as if we belong on earth and that we are a part of what is HERE. You can use the Sirian attuned Crystals I sell for this by holding it and connecting to the energies and asking for help in these areas.

All star seeds must finds ways to interact with humanity in harmonious and positive ways. This helps us to feel as if we belong as a member of humanity. It is easy to see all the negativity and dysfunctional states of human beings on earth. It takes a wise Star seed to see beyond this and express compassion and unconditional love to humanity even thought they are the way they are. This is the area of spiritual development and Ascension which are a big part of being a Star Seed. If we personally have problems in these areas then it is our responsibility to seek help so that we can transcend these tendencies. The best Star energies to work with in these areas are Aldebaran (harmony with people) and Taygeta (Pleiades) which is all about harmony and joy within society.