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Paul McCarthy


Paul is a channel and this is how he received much of the information that he teaches to Star Seeds and Ascension seekers all around the world. He mainly channels Lord Ashtar, Lord Arcturus, Lord Sirius, the Elohim and other Star Masters from Sirius, Orion and Andromeda. One of his favourite activities is to channel for individuals and groups which he does on a regular basis. Through channeling he gains access to a never ending source of information about the Starseeds, Star Masters and Ascension. Paul has written books about these subjects and he has recently given his hundredth workshop after touring around the world for the past five years. Paul offers personal services such as channeled readings, courses and star attunements which are all included in this website and are listed in the links in the margin.

My awakening by Paul

I am honoured to be given these responsibilities and opportunities to serve others in these ways. I do not take my role or the information given lightly as for many years I was “asleep” and completely unaware of my origins and heritage. This process of awakening to these truths has been a revelation to me and has answered so many questions. It has also come at a great cost to myself in my private life.

Being born into this dimension here on earth was a particularly tough process for me as a child. I was from a higher dimension with a higher vibration and consciousness. I agonised over this new lower vibration of a third dimensional earth at that time and I developed deep feelings of loss of self, abandonment and of being trapped in a place that is unfamiliar.

In time I “awoke” and struggled to free myself of 3rd Dimensional thinking and behaviour in order to reconnect to the higher consciousness of “home”. Within this period I searched for answers as to who I was and why I was here.

Since these times I have had many experiences with my Earth and star guides. I learnt how to channel them and so I began to find out much more about my past and my mission. There has been much spiritual growth and purification. There has been resistance and separation from those in my life that find it hard to accept these levels of reality.

Some of you will also be going through this process and what an adventure it is! It is my sincere hope that I can help you with this process. It is very healing and so rewarding.

Unfortunately I was not given a manual about the Sirius star system on birth! As such I am having to find out all this information the hard way by raising my consciousness and through developing my telepathic links to other dimensions. There is so much to remember and to share and this web site will be a platform for this. There will be new revelations as well as clearer understandings coming through on what we already know. Please know that this is a process of refinement and that our models of understanding will change as our consciousness changes. It is one of the universal laws – everything changes!

Above all else there has been an unbelievable infusion of love into my life. If you want to sum up the larger Star Master mission that I am a part of, then you could say that it is the sharing of an unimaginable level of unconditional love to earth and all its occupants.

I hope that you are a part of this journey! Some of you will be the beneficiaries of this work whilst others will come and work along side me. I look forward to meeting you all!

My Star Blessings to you!