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Mentorship and Training programme for Orion Star Seeds that want to reconnect to the teachings of the Merlin Masters.

Many Orion Star Seeds feels that there is not information or guidance available to them. If you research the internet you will find of lot of misleading and contradictory information about Orion. This is because there is a veil around the realities of Orion. It is hidden from us in many ways. As a result there are a lot of myths, incorrect and made up information floating around the internet.  As an Orion Star Seed myself and a channel I have managed to reconnect to the truths of Orion and I share these in my workshops and readings. However I recognise that Orion Star Seeds want precise, specific guidance and help for their life missions. They want to reconnect to the training they have received in other lives from the Orion Masters. They are ambitions and feel they instinctively know there is more to reality and their abilities than they remember or which is being taught to them by many teachers now on earth. SO after many requests I am now offering  bespoke and focused help to Orion Star Seeds.   

Who does this programme apply to?
This programme is designed for Orion Star Seeds who have the potential to work with this programme as they have had previous training in other lives connected to Orion. Although these teachings may be interesting for non Orion Star Seeds it is not designed for them. It requires skills and attitudes that we usually find in Orion Star Seeds and indeed as this programme shapes your evolution and future then it is best that you receive the training you need for your background and future needs. I am considering offering a similar programme for Sirian and Pleiadian and Arcturian Star Seeds. Ultimately I am guided by the Orion guides and if you are not an Orion Star Seed I would need to consult with the Orion guides as to whether you should do the Orion program or switch to another possible program.  If you do not know if you are a Orion Star Seed then you will need to book a personal channelled star seed reading to learn about this.       

Who are the teachers?
The teachers are from Orion and teach the Orion knowledge and approaches such as the Merlin & Merlina Masters such as St Germain and Alveron who come from the Star system called Alnilam. There is also the possibility to work with The White Lion Masters of Orion where appropriate as well as the Merlina teachers (feminine) from Saiph.

What areas does this Programme focus and not focus on?
1. The Orion programme is mainly focused on spiritual growth and Mastery. Mastery is the ability to be aware of and control your entire being at all levels and is linked to the level of being of the Ascended Masters. It is essential the Planetary Ascension process. Beyond this level lies Galactic Ascension and the level of “The Magician” which in truth is what Orion Star Seeds sense is there and is more relevant to them. But first you have to complete Planetary ascension on earth.
2. A large part of being from Orion involves spiritual gifts and service work. Such things as spiritual / energetic activations for others, channeling and high level spiritual knowledge are all a part of the potential work of Orion Star Seeds. As such the programme will involve defining these aspects in you and encouraging you to develop these and use them.
The programme is focused on the two above areas and not other areas. If you want to explore random subjects, your everyday human life or healing or therapeutic issues then this is not a programme for you as they will not be covered.  

What is the style of this programme and who does it suit?
The programme provides techniques that work with your energies and consciousness. It requires you to repeatedly practice these techniques, have some awareness of the realities involved, be open to change aspects of yourself and to be determined and patient. You need to follow the programme every month and so you need some time to invest in yourself.
The teaching of the Orion Masters are direct and precise. Their realities are firm and they require students to follow the guidance exactly. This is why Orion masters and students achieve high levels of success in what they do as they are only investing their time and efforts in doing things that have been proved to actually work. If you want to have a fluid experience of spirituality and want to blend and explore different styles of spirituality then this program is not for you as you need to commit to it and not try and change it in any way.   Passing test and initiations are all part of the Orion way as they lead to greater truths and realities being exposed and for which we need to demonstrate that we are ready for.

What will Paul send me?
I will channel precise information for you about your development, what the Merlin masters want you to do etc. Also I can channel feedback after you have had time to practice the techniques. Also I can answer questions as Paul as I have a lot of experience of working with the same material and also as a teacher and practitioner. So I can offer Q&A sessions and channeling for you. The plan is for me to work once every month with you and I send you either one channeling, or one channeling feedback or one Q&A session. The cost is £65 per month*. I would set up a monthly payment for £65.00 with a view to working with you for one year and then review this. The channeling and Q&A sessions are all given via email. There are no skype sessions as I do not channel on skype and I need time to reflect on questions. There are no physical meetings.

If you want to enrol then please email first so we can discuss if you are eligible for this or another programme.

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* If you want to no longer participate in the programme simply contact your bank and stop the payments. Any payments already received by myself cannot be refunded for any reason.