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Here is some information and guidance for some of the most common aims of Starseeds seeking to be better at working with the essential New Age skills and focuses.


Raising Vibration

This is the ability to expand your awareness so that you are more aware of the unseen worlds of spiritual energies and guides and different dimensions of spiritual consciousness. This is essential for spiritual new age work such as channeling, healing and when working with guides

* A general approach to this can be to think about those things that you already have for which you are grateful. Gratitude is a high vibrational energy and consciousness and can lift us instantly.

Pros: Can work instantly and be used anywhere and anytime. It’s free.

Cons: Perhaps this is not as focused as other methods and might not suit work such as channeling. It tends to fades too quickly for spiritual work. Also people tend to enjoy sitting in this state of being and become distracted from doing things and working such as with channeling. Some people struggle to think of things that they are grateful for.

* Using Paul’s Raising Vibration Crystal

This is a crystals that I attune to a high vibrational state of being that expands spiritual awareness. It is ideal for spiritual work and especially channeling. Simply by holding the crystals your vibration will be raised. The attunement of a quartz crystal in this way for these purposes is far superior that using the natural energies of crystals in general.

Pros: It is easy to use and it’s affect will last as long as you hold the crystal. It does not depend on your own ability to “hold” energy. It carries a precise energy that is great for doing spiritual work as it focuses your awareness for you.

Cons: You have to hold a crystal or keep it in your clothing whilst you are working.



Being grounded means having most or all of your awareness in the physical plane. This allows you to be present and able to interact with daily life and communicate well with people. When we are not grounded we are dazed, confused, dizzy and it hard to centre our thoughts and communicate well. In extreme cases it can leave us feeling anxious, isolated and leads to accidents. There are different causes for being ungrounded:

Being too mental: If you are stuck in your head then you will lose awareness of your emotions and body. The remedy is to do things that relax you and stop the intense thinking. Exercise and traditional meditation may help.

Diet: Certain foods are more grounding than others. Meat (animal proteins) and dairy products are grounding as well as moderate amounts of caffeine and alcohol. Whilst it is popular in the new age for people to experiment with alternative diets that exclude these things, the price for doing so is to experience being ungrounded and a feeling of being disconnected from physical life.

Spiritual Growth: In times of great spiritual change our energy fields actually change. This makes us feel ungrounded as we try and integrate the changes. It is hard in these times to become fully grounded and so we have to “ride the storm”. The best approach here is to focus on your spiritual agenda and try and integrate the changes and to avoid resisting them. With this approach we are seeking to make these periods shorter in time and less uncomfortable. However most people does not know what their spiritual agenda is (lessons, healing issues etc.) Here I can help with a channeled reading which will give you this information.

Being ill is very ungrounding.

If the above do not apply and you are still ungrounded then it may be more serious. There are cases when humans struggle to ground their soul energies into the human experience. A part of them does not want to be here because of the negative experiences of the past. This can come about through intense traumas on Earth in the current or past life times. I have found that a specific star attunement can help with this. The Betelgeuse Attunement helps to ground the soul energies more into human experience and may be the answer for some people. You can book this session online with me.


Being in the moment

Being in the moment means that you are aware of what is happening in the current moment and not too distracted by thinking about the past or the future. Being in the moment makes life more rich and helps us to enjoy what is actually happening to us rather than focusing on what we want in the future. For some this way of being is far more enjoyable and evolved and they seek to be like as much as possible. Here are some ways to achieve this.

*Make a concentrated effort to be more aware of the present moment and how you feel and especially when you are speaking to people. When we acknowledge others in this way it makes relationships closer. People do not enjoy being in a relationship with someone who is not present as they are distracted by their private thoughts.

* If you want to experience being present as a way of being and as a different level of the consciousness then you can practice the Pleiadian Heart meditation (technique).

Heart Meditation

I recommend that you focus on the heart many times each day. There is a powerful energy field coming from your heart. Please sense this and focus on it. This brings you out of the mind and into the present moment (away from the past and the future in your thoughts). It feels as if you are complete and peaceful. It brings a sense of security and non attachment . It is hard to feel fear in this state. You become more aware of spiritual realities and their presence. It feels easier to connect to them.


Being clear about your life missions

Most Star Seeds feel that they are on Earth to do something that will help humanity. They instinctively know that they are not here just to live an ordinary life. These are called Life Missions. However very few Star Seeds feel that they know what their own life missions are. Here are some ideas to help.

*Star Seeds are here to bring their gifts and training here. They are not here to learn how to be someone else or to spend a lot of time training. It is more about remembering who you are and what you can do. Therefore you must pay attention to…

*What you are already good at. This may give you a clue. Other people will see these things in you more than yourself sometimes. Also do you have any unique talents or interests?

*Try spiritual activities such as healing and energy work. Star Seeds are here to bring spiritual gifts and to act as visionaries and so often your gifts will lie in these areas.

*Try and remember what you wanted to be when you were a child. Often children will be more connected to their life missions than when they are adults. However all children will want to be Princesses and Footballers and so clearly some discernment is needed when looking at this!

*The best way of learning about your Life Missions is to obtain a personal channeled reading from myself and the information with be given to you by my guides.