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Paul McCarthy









2013 Crop Circles Pictures and channeling by Paul McCarthy

Avebury, Wiltshire July 2013

This is a symbol that brings the connection to the Star Temples grids. It connects us on Earth to the great Galactic Temples. It can be used to connect to other temples in meditation or to permanently ground this connection in an Earth Temple. There are strong connections to Pleiadian (Alcyone) and Sirian Temples as well as others.







*Swindon, Wiltshire July 2013

This is an invitation for humanity to enter into Galactic Unity with other Star beings. It connects us to the Inter Galactic Federation. It acts as a puzzle where we are shown more each time we approach this symbol, but only if we work out the next step. It is therefore a working symbol and one for the future as well as now. This process can take place at a deep subconscious level for humanity or at a conscious level by advanced Star Seeds. As such this represents an important project for some Star Seeds to work on.





*Silbury hill, Wiltshire June 2013

This symbol is given by Celestial beings that bring the energies and the true transformation of self that comes from the heart through forgiveness and loving acceptance. This symbol is intended for all of humanity and its energies are carried by all that see the picture.


*Yatesbury, Wiltshire June 2013

This symbol activates the grounding of spiritual energies to the planet Earth from a group of star beings that are somewhat new to humanity. This is the first phase of active star energies post 2012. The symbol can also be used in meditation to connect to these star beings to ask for information about the future plans for Earth and Humanity. These beings are time travellers and act as guardians of the new age. They are watching the progress of humanity.