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* Star Seeds and Star Masters


Star Seeds and Star Masters is a comprehensive guide for Star Seeds, helping them to understand themselves and why they are here on Earth. Paul McCarthy provides new information about the most important groups of evolved Extra-Terrestrial Beings and how they can help Humanity. Star Seeds and Star Masters explains how humans are destined to become Galactic Citizens. Additional subjects include, What are Star Seeds? Where is "Home"? Life Missions, The Star Masters, Star Gates, Healing with the Star Masters, Activating the Star Master in you and Meeting evolved Extra-Terrestrial Beings. Paul gives deep insights into why the evolved Star Beings are so different to Human Beings and how humanity can relate to them and communicate with them. Paul gives practical suggestions on how best to explore this subject so that we can personally experience the profound Extra-Terrestrial realities and one day become Galactic Citizens ourselves.

“Written simply and clearly, this is the best explanation of Star Seeds I have ever seen. On a scale or 1 to 10, this gets 15!”

Paradigm Shift Magazine

* Limited supply


Ascension becoming
an Ascended Master


Paul McCarthy's  Ascension  offers a complete, in-depth guide to becoming an ascended master for those who want to be masters of their own spiritual transformations.

Ascension: Becoming an Ascended Master   offers a guide to the ascension process that explores the various levels of human spiritual consciousness. It presents a modern and accessible approach to the subject of ascension and aims to empower spiritual seekers by providing the information that they need to know in order to navigate through the different levels of consciousness.

This model of ascension explains the experiences of each level of ascension in detail, as well as the unique lessons of each level and the requirements needed to ascend to the next level. Ascension traces the process and journey of ascension, placing a detailed focus on the levels of ascension, the spiritual lessons learned in the process, the keys to transformation, the concepts of integration and universal awareness, ways to monitor your progress, and methods for transcending your ego. Explore the wisdom of master teachers from the past who have experienced each level of consciousness and learn what it takes to be a modern-day ascended master.

Ascension seekers will never again have to be lost or confused in their ascension process.