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Ashtar Galactic Service Work Projects for Star Seeds - Galactic Service Work Meditations

As Star Seeds it s our collective role and responsibility to help Humanity to evolve quickly and gracefully at this time of great change. One way of doing this to is to hold an awareness of certain spiritual realities inside of us. As members of Humanity ourselves we have an intimate connection to Humanity at many levels including the sub conscious mass human mind. As such if we individually hold an awareness of something or a positive intention then this is shared at deeper levels with Humanity. These eventually “seep” into the conscious awareness of Humans who are ready to embrace them. This is the natural process of evolution within groups. The “Hundredth Monkey Effect” is an example of this. This is an actual scientific discovery that evolution spreads across a species even when members of that species are separated from each other. It acknowledges the reality of a common shared awareness within a species that all members have access to. I have called this the mass human sub conscious mind for Humanity. In an experiment it was seen that monkeys duplicated new hunting and gathering techniques developed by other groups of monkeys even though they were geographically separated from them. In Humanity there is a rich “conversation” taking place between all members at deep and sub conscious levels that is the platform for shared experiences of evolution and transformation. Lord Ashtar has recommended the following meditations that input specific energies, thoughts, intentions and expanded levels of awareness into the shared group Human experience. These can be accessed by the totality of Humanity as well as individual Human Beings who are awakening ahead of the rest. These are the natural steps within an expanding awareness in a group such as Humanity and which represent different experiences such as awakening, the formation of the Human group consciousness and the inclusion of Humanity into the Galactic Community. Please use these and be an active partner in the Ascension of Humanity. Please understand that your influence on Humanity is even greater than any Guide, Star Master or Angel as you are here in a Human body and hence you have these intimate connections to humanity which other Star Beings do not have!


Star Seed Assignment No 1 from Lord Ashtar – September 2011

I have channeled some information about an important service work project that Lord Ashtar has invited volunteer Star Seeds to work with.

There is a major expansion in consciousness taking place within individuals and Humanity. One such theme is the illumination of truth. We see this taking place now in the general areas of Politics, Economics, Sport and the world of Celebrity where all lies, corruption and manipulation is now being revealed. As individuals we see this too in our own consciousness where we are becoming much more aware of the “hidden” insights and truth surrounding our own illusions and confusion. Truly this is a time of illumination and revelation as our lies, illusions and confusion are highlighted within our newly expanded conscious awareness. This process will continue for all and the only real question is how far and how deep will we go and how much resistance will we offer to this process?

As Star Seeds we can help Humanity with this process by volunteering to be a pioneer in this activity. As we allow the illumination and revelation of the hidden truth flow from our experiences to the Human mass subconscious mind so do we give access to this for others. This information becomes more accessible to others consciously and we see this process when many people start to have “random” but similar breakthroughs in ideas and understandings. In the same way as we heal aspects of our self then we help others to heal these in themselves too. It is the “Hundredth Monkey effect”.

As a volunteer to this process we are giving permission for Guides and the Universe in general to flood us with illumination and insight through the whisperings that take place through our channeling, intuition and feelings. There may be an assumption from volunteers that this will be a negative experience as surely we will be made to see the worst side of Humanity? This is not really accurate. The deepest hidden truth is that we are all Soul and Spirit and the layer of negative ego, illusion and negativity covers these gems. In truth this assignment is all about seeing the Soul and Spirit in others so that they can see this for themselves. As such Lord Ashtar is asking us to celebrate the Soul and Spirit is all Humans so that they can begin to be aware of this part of themselves too. This truly is spiritual transformation and can be immensely enjoyable and satisfying for us as Star Seeds to be a part of this process. For those of you who act as a Witness for humanity then again this is relevant . As such let us agree to see through the layer of ego and negativity to the hidden gems of Soul and Spirit in all people.

How do I volunteer ? I would suggest that you perform a simple ceremony within meditation where you invite Lord Ashtar and all the Guides dedicated to helping humanity in this way to join you. Simply agree to be a volunteer in this way and allow any energetic exchange to take place in preparation for this. Then we have to be open to seeing truth around us and to watch as our own distortions and illusions fall away.

The future! Of course this is a spiritual gift to Humanity given by Star Seeds who are able to move into higher consciousness more quickly and deeper than others. It provides one platform for other projects to take place and so it is very important. For example the meetings with positive and evolved Extra-Terrestrials can more easily take place when humanity is in the business of owning it’s fears and illusions and when it wants to transcend these and move into the acceptance of the truth of Extra Terrestrials and the Galactic realities.

Additional Meditations channeled during 2011 and 2012 given by Lord Ashtar. I would suggest the same approach as in the previous meditation which is to invite Lord Ashtar into a meditation with whatever supporting Guides wish to come. Next ask them to create the energetic environment to facilitate the purpose of the meditation and to give you any Downloads needed to carry these energies. Ask Lord Ashtar to help you develop a conscious awareness of the subject matter. Please do these meditations separately.


No 2 - To hold the energies of ALIGNMENT

It is the graceful flow of divine creative expression. It encourages optimism, clarity, willingness and diminishes the ego. Blocks to this are the human tendencies of the ego in wanting control of all things.

No 3 – To develop the ability to “listen” to the Galactic conversation and song

Humanity needs to listen to the Universe around it by opening it “spiritual ears”. This song / conversation exists as a frequency that we can tune into and experience. Lord Ashtar can help us to do this. First we do this and later on we understand it meaning and use. Birds, whales and cats already do this.


No 3 – To attract the Golden Light Ship / Light Body of Humanity

This is the field of perfected consciousness that is growing through our Human experiences. It is time to recognise that it exists, merge with it at a conscious level and join the evolved Extra – Terrestrial communities in celebrating its spiritual beauty and the reason for its existence. Sananda will be a part of this and help us.


I hope that you enjoy your visits and know that as you do these you assist Humanity in its evolution.

Thank you Bless you.