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The latest, high level activations and downloads for starseeds downloaded and channeled by Paul McCarthy for "hardcore", specialist and awakened starseeds. Designed to further activate and help starseeds go deeper with holding their connection to Home *, bringing these energies and focuses here to Earth and in remembering how to use these...

Sirian Activation for Sirian Star Seeds
Orion Activation for Orion Star Seeds
Vega Activation for Vega Star Seeds
Ashtar Activation for Ashtar Star Seeds
Arcturian Activation for Arcturian Star Seeds


Booking your own Attunement

Personal Star Attunements can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. These are REMOTE attunements only and you will not be required to be with me in person. We will arrange a time when we can both be in meditation at home whilst the attunement takes place. These sessions are about 20 minutes in length. Here I will attune to the relevant Star Masters and facilitate the energetic experience of the attunement for you.

After booking your Attunement you will be sent written notes via email on how to prepare for your attunement, what to expect and how to integrate the changes.

Next we will arrange a mutually convenient time to join in meditation so that the attunement can take place.

Cost of £50 for introductory period only

Please make payment as below and then I will contact you to arrange your attunement. Please note each attunement is a separate payment i.e. Sirian attunement is £50 for this one only not the whole group. There is no feedback with the advanced sessions.

You can pay as follows. You can pay online by credit card or debit card using the paypal system. This would connect you to a secure payment collection service called paypal. All you have to do is click on the button directly below and follow the instructions.

Click the payment button below for £50 payment

* if you do not know where you are from then you will need to obtain a channeled reading from me - starseed readings

Conditions – please read

All attunements are paid for in full and in advance. There are no refunds available once the services are completed. This does not affect your statutory rights under the Distance Selling Regulations. Returns information is at Returns.

You are aged 18 or over and this attunement is for yourself.

This product or service is not to be booked by anyone suffering from any form of mental illness


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