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Earth Star Seed Light Symbol Quest

The Sirian Masters hold some of highest perspectives on the series of incarnations we take that lead us to Earth which often include lives with Sirius, Orion, Vega and Pleiades as well. They are able to describe in spiritual terms the potential and profound growth we experience as a soul when we choose this particular path.   When we learn and integrate the unique spiritual experiences and lessons of each of these places we collect the relevant light symbol which is placed in our energy fields. We retain this for eternity and it gives us extra wisdom and strength. Other beings can see these in our energy fields. It represents a “badge of honour” and such things are greatly respected by higher beings. Groups of Light Symbols exist and when joined together create greatest experiences and wisdom that can be obtained by a soul. Here is the most important group:

With their encouragement I have channeled the information and energies that connect you to The Earth Star Seed Light Symbol Quest. It is the journey of humanity leading to Earth and then beyond to the future.

I have channeled the energies and lessons of each of the major stopping points of this journey onto a map on a single page. It includes Vega, Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, Earth and future humans. The energies and connections are attuned onto the page within the symbols that I have chosen to represent the energies. So even by looking at the page on a computer or on a printed version is enough to access the energies.   It is important to know that the TOTAL journey is more important that any of the points and here you can access the energies of this within the Completion symbol. Many higher consciousness and Extra-Terrestrials focus on this total experience across all time and space as it the complete picture and gives us so much. Examples of where we find this on Earth include The Nasca Lines and Stonehenge where we collect all the energies by physically walking around the whole structure and therefore accessing the whole and complete energy or gift. Likewise, you can collect all the energies and the complete total energy on my quest page in a similar way and the Sirian Masters want you to do this.

It is also possible to use the energies that come from these Light Symbols in an active way to help people either actively as in healing sessions or passively as an energy carrier. I call this active expression the Light Wand. These are very high level energies that work on the deepest spiritual issues we have as human Star Seeds.

All you have to do is download the Quest page and immediately access the 6 individual energies and the total completion energy. In addition I will also give you an attunement or activation to the best Light Wand energy from the 5 places. This will be a remote session made by appointment and I will channel the information as to which one is best for you now.  I will send you brief notes on this after the session.

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The cost of the Quest symbols and notes plus the Light Wand remote activation is £50.00.

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