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Many starseeds are now contacting me regarding Andromeda. Many are feeling drawn to these energies and masters. I think that the time for our awakening to this part of creation is now! The raised consciousness of many starseeds now makes this connection possible.

The challenge with understanding Andromeda is the realisation that it represents very different realities, energies and focuses from those in this galaxy. This means that it is hard to relate to within human language and understanding.

In many ways a new language and understanding of Andromeda is being built within our contact with these energies and masters. We can then begin to construct new models of understanding of this wonderful connection and what is represents and how we can work with it.

What I can say about the energies of Andromeda is that they challenge us to understand what "light" is. Earth scientists have discovered that at a sub-atomic level the thoughts and expectations of the observer of an experiment influences the outcome of the experiment. What I sense about light is that it is moulded by the consciousness and intentions of any being that connects to it within their thoughts. Within this Galaxy ( including some very evolved groups such as the Sirian and Pleiadian Masters) we all have our understandings of what creation is. We have certain focuses and experiences in this galaxy that influences our relationship to Light. Of course those masters and energies in other galaxies have different experiences and relationships to Light. The Andromeda Masters bring this different and expanded "flavour" of light to us now. To me it is less about a physical experience of creation and more about unlimited expansion of consciousness. Specifically their flavour of light appears to act as the IMPULSE for us to reach out, expand and connect to oneness. With this infusion of light from Andromeda we at some level expanded our consciousess to a Universal level.  This is a level of oneness that includes you in the oneness. This helps us to transcend the normal human condition of seeing things as being outside of self.  We can have strong mental and emotional acknowledgement that we are starseeds.  However until we "realise" this then we are perpetuating the illusions that this is outside of us.  In other words this light helps us to know with every fibre of our being that we are starseeds, extraterrstrial, human and part of the oneness of source, all at once

Andromeda also appears to be a Gateway Galaxy. Here beings from other Galaxies use this Andromeda gateway to connect in consciousness to our Milky Way galaxy. Andromeda therefore appears to act as a translator of energies and consciousness. In addition this gateway appears to operate from non-physical dimensions as well. Through learning about Andromeda I am learning about the relationship between non-physical and physical dimensions. The human mind tends to assume that everything is physical. However when dealing with different groups of star masters I believe that many do not hold such a rigid physical form that we are used to . And so we need to get away from thinking that we can visit them in a space ship as if we did we would find empty space and planets. Instead I think that it is nearer the truth to imagine that non-physical (including reduced physical expressions) exist in other dimensions that are linked or anchored to physical sections of space such as Andromeda. Andromeda is such a place and acts as a Gateway in this way too.

How the Andromeda Energies assist us - The energies of Andromeda are extremely expansive and when we work with them, they allow our energetic bodies to become more fluid. They help us to be less rigid in our consciousness. They also accelerate our spiritual growth through an expanded awareness of light that connects everything. At this level of understanding it is more difficult to maintain the illusion of separation that our egos present to us.

Andromeda Attunements - One of the benefits of working directly with energy such as within an attunement is that this level of communication and contact bypasses our mental processes and the negative ego. This allows more of the original content and purity of the energetic encounter to filter through into our awareness than would normally happen if we approached it from a typical human perspective . The Andromeda attunements are amazing and people report the most wonderful experiences! The energies are off the scale. Many report these energies as a coming home experience.
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